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Insistent Archetype  Empty Insistent Archetype

Post by Seattleite on Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:07 am

Insistent monsters are the Anti-Consistency archetype. Known for their haphazard dueling style, the Insistent archetype can play without consistency, focusing on adaption, but punishes the opponent's consistent cards.

It was created with the TCG in mind so IDK what it would mean here. It could work Wink


Insistent Ibex
If this card is destroyed and it hasn't attacked, your opponent cannot Summon until their next End Phase. If this card is in the Graveyard, during your opponent's End Phase, you can banish this card from your Graveyard to destroy a number of opponent's monsters on the field up to the number of their monsters tributed, discarded, or used as material for the summon of a monster.

Insistent Ictinus
During either player's turn, You can discard this card from your hand when an opponent's monster is sent to the graveyard. Return it to the Deck. Then, check your opponent's field and all cards in their hand, and return to the deck any copies among them. You must also return from your hand or field to your deck any "Insistent Ictinus".

Insistent Idealist
This card is not destroyed in battle once per turn. Once per turn, you can activate the following effect: Your opponent looks through your deck and Special Summons 1 monster, except "Insistent Idealist" to your side of the field. If they summon a non-"Insistent" monster, destroy all monsters you control.

Insistent Idiot
This card's effect is negated if any cards in your Graveyard are not "Insistent" or "Insistency" cards. When this card is Normal Summoned, return all cards in your Graveyard to your Deck, then draw a number of cards equal to half the amount returned (rounded down). Once per turn, declare a number, and destroy all monsters on the field with that level.

Insistent Iguana
The effect(s) of all monsters are negated during the turn they are summoned, except "Insistent" monsters.

Insistent Inchworm
This card's effect is negated if any cards in your Graveyard are not "Insistent" or "Insistency" cards. Gain control of any monster your opponent summons until the End Phase.

Insistent Iormungand
Neither player can skip their Main Phase 2. This card cannot be Summoned during your Main Phase 2. During each player's Main Phase 2, the opponent of the turn player controls all cards on their Field and in their Hand, Graveyard, Deck, Extra Deck, and Banished Zone.

Insistent Ifrit
During your opponent's turn, if they control more monsters than the number of cards in their hand, you can discard this card. Until the end of the turn, every monster that attacks this turn is returned to their hand, and halve the battle damage you take.


Insistent Impalsy
Quick-Play Spell
Activate only when your opponent activates a Spell or Trap card and you control an "Insistent" monster. Negate its effect and return it to the top of their deck. During this turn, "Insistent" monsters cannot be destroyed.

Insistent Ingenuity
Normal Spell Card
Randomly add 1 "Insistent" card from your Deck to your Hand. Your opponent cannot verify the card during this turn.

Insistent Inoculant
Normal Spell Card
Both players discard 1 Spell Card, 1 Trap Card and 1 Monster from their hand. You cannot set Spell/Trap cards the turn you activate this card. You cannot activate this card on the first turn.

Insistent Irradiation
Field Spell Card
This card cannot be added from your Deck to your Hand by a card effect, except "Insistent Ingenuity". When a monster is summoned, the opponent of that player checks all cards in the controller of that monster's hand, and returns 1 Monster in their hand with the same type of the summoned monster to the top of the owner's deck.


Continuous Trap
During either player's turn, once per turn, the opponent of that player can pay 500 life points and declare 1 Card Name. The turn player reveals their hand and discards 1 card in their hand with that Card Name.

Insistent Invocation
Normal Trap
Activate only in a turn that your opponent has activated 2 or more card effects. Randomly Special Summon 1 "Insistent" monster from your deck and destroy 1 Card your opponent controls.


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Insistent Archetype  Empty Re: Insistent Archetype

Post by Seattleite on Sun Dec 04, 2011 2:08 pm

Comments Preeeeeze D:

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