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Strategy Guide: Naturalist Empty Strategy Guide: Naturalist

Post by Seattleite on Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:50 am

Strategy Guide: Naturalist 98186

If you Special Summon this card, you must tribute 1 EARTH monster. You can Flip this card into Face-down Defense Position once per turn during your Main Phase. When this card is Flip Summoned, equip 1 EARTH monster from your graveyard to this card. It has the following effect: "The equipped monster gains the ATK and Effect(s) of this card." When the Equip Spell card would be destroyed, equip it to 1 other EARTH monster instead.

A Unique Boss monster from FLFS for certain kinds of EARTH decks. Underused but very powerful, this card must be used with great skill.

When Flipped Face-up, it can equip an EARTH monster in your graveyard to itself, gaining it's effects and ATK. This effect can be used on several targets which all may prove useful, but the beauty of this card is in the last sentence. When the equip spell would be destroyed you can pass it on to another EARTH monster you control. Coupled with the first sentence you have the potential of a new target every turn, passed on to other EARTH monsters.

There are too many good choices to count, and depending on your type of EARTH deck some cards may be more useful than others. But a good target for all of them is Monster Mud, which will protect all your EARTH monsters from traps. Granite Golem can be used to give Naturalist Massive ATK power - up to 4500 ATK. More advanced combos make use of Necromorpher to equip ANY target - reguardless of attribute. Try some on your own.

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