Use the Dead, to make more Dead (Zombie Strategy Guide!)

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Use the Dead, to make more Dead (Zombie Strategy Guide!) Empty Use the Dead, to make more Dead (Zombie Strategy Guide!)

Post by Anime Girl References on Sat May 28, 2011 4:15 am

Let's start with the key strategies and suggestions for your LCCG Zombie deck.

Rule 1: Always keep your field full. Some other decks can survive having few monsters on the field. Unfortunately, Zombies cannot. Since most Zombie monsters only work if there are other Zombie monsters in existence, either removed from play, in the Graveyard, in the deck or hand or even the opponent's Graveyard, if there is only ONE zombie on the field it is vastly outnumbered and may not last. Many zombies do not have very high stats, and cannot fend for themselves very well if there is no bigger monsters to back them up.

Rule 2: Protect the Graveyard. Most Zombies utilize the graveyard. If you can't keep your Graveyard full or protected your ability to win will be tested, even restricted.

Rule 3: Don't be afraid to be destroyed. Zombies have a bad (well, bad for the opponent) habit of coming back sooner or later. If you happen to get out your Lichwyrm, Harbinger of Blight and your opponent already has their strongest monster out, don't be afraid to activate it's effects and let it be destroyed, just wait for the next monster to come along to bring it back.

Now let's get to strategies with the cards:

Bone Spiner
Bone spiners can inflict damage to the opponent equal to half of the ATK of the monster that destroyed it by removing from play another copy of Bone Spiner in your hand or Graveyard. While using this the first turn would be a waste of Tuners, especially since the highest ATK most first summon monsters are only 1100-1900, and half of that is diminutive damage. Later on in the game, if you haven't used a Bone Spiner yet and Life Point payments and other damage has your opponent sapped of life, you can use them to apply some pressure to the opponent's Life Points, if inflicting 1400 damage to them for attacking with their giant 2800 ATK monster doesn't end their game.

Churel Nightwisp
While being a tiny, insignificant card on the field, Churel Nightwisp is one of the most effective out-of-field support for attacking zombies there is. Discarding one when you battle will increase their ATK by 1000. While 1000 is not a lot, you can discard multiple Nightwisps in a chain to gain up to 3000 ATK at once, turning even a simple Bag O' Bones into a 3400 monster.

Pandemic Seed
It's a Zombie-type Level 7 Synchro with 2600 ATK and no effect. While most people would summon Rainbow Tail over this card, in the long run Summoning a Pandemic Seed will mean you will have access to a Zombie-type Monster with 2600 ATK, a recurring nightmare for your opponent when kept along side a Devourer of Fallens, you can easily erase a Level 7 monster your opponent controls, and you can bring Pandemic Seed back from the Graveyard once again.


Possibly one of THE most important monsters in your deck. Although it's a bit weak it is one of the most easily summonable Zombie-type monsters in the game. It can be Special Summoned by it's own effect from your Hand OR the Graveyard, meaning it can be a quick defense when you have no monsters left, and since you remove from play a Zombie from your hand or Graveyard, as long as it's not the only Zombie in the deck you can get it out. When it does come out, you can sap an opponent's monster's ATK by 500 and you gain that as Lifepoints, making it's 1450 ATK a lot more fearsome, since most 1900 ATK monsters would end up dropping to 1400 ATK after that effect. BE CAREFUL HOWEVER. Sending out Moroi multiple times without thinking of the cards you are removing is dangerous for your deck, and eventually you may remove too many key cards and will not be able to bring this card back, or burn up valuable grave space and leave yourself at a MAJOR disadvantage.

Mutated Corpse
A quick and easy defender for times of need. When your Zombies are being destroyed by an onslaught of larger ATK monsters, you can summon these from the Graveyard quickly to help take some hits and survive an otherwise fatal attack. They can only attack once before being destroyed, so plan your attacks carefully (or use this effect to get them back into the Graveyard for another surprise defense).

Wight Whispermaid
As a more reasonable replacement for the TCG's Card of Safe Return (which led to too many OTKs due to being limitless), Wight Whispermaid is the draw engine of the Zombies. Whenever a Zombie comes out of the Graveyard (such as Mutated Corpse, Maiden of the Nightshade or Moroi) you can draw a card for each Wight Whispermaid on the field. If it gets attacked, you can pay 800 Life Points to negate the attack, which can be easily recovered with Moroi and Red Moon Rabisu's life sapping effects.

Red Moon Rabisu
Next to Moroi, Red Moon Rabisu is one of the most effective Zombies in the game so far, being the 1900 beatstick of the Zombie-type decks. It is Special Summoned from the RPF zone during the Standby Phase, so it's important fodder for cards like Moroi, since removing any other Zombie would mean it would never come back. When Red Moon Rabisu hits the opponent for damage, you increase your Life Points by the same amount of damage you inflicted, so direct attacks net you around 1900 LP, which is not that much when you think about how much LP Gain decks get. It will ensure when you are hit by a big monster that you will have enough life points to survive afterward.

Maiden of the Nightshade

The Stardust Dragon of Zombie-type monsters, Maiden of the Nightshade can be tributed whenever a card would destroy any number of Zombie-type monsters on your side of the field, and she will negate that effect and destroy it. Being extremely effective removal negation is good for keeping troublesome destruction cards at bay, while also Special Summoning itself at the end of the turn.

Skeletal Bird
A single tribute monster that can return all Spells and Traps to the hand at the cost of not attacking with this card that turn. It's able to clear the field of troublesome cards that negate Special Summoning and attacking, and other barriers and restrictions that would prevent you from winning. Keep it out on the field long enough to begin gaining advantage.

Lichwyrm, Harbinger of Blight
one of the most powerful Zombie-type monsters by far. Having a high 2500 ATK, and a menagerie of effects to choose from, it is one of your most important big monsters to get out later in the game when your opponent starts putting pressure on you with giant synchros. You can remove from play 2 Zombie-type monsters in your Graveyard to destroy 2 cards on the field, Special Summon 1 of your RPF'd zombies, or discard a card to refuel the graveyard next turn with 3 fresh Zombies. Make sure you know that this card can only be Special Summoned by cards that specify Zombie-type monsters, because this card is fickle about what brings it out.

Solanum Hivemaggot
A extremely effective insect monster that helps fuel the Graveyard and gains ATK by doing so. Each turn you can drop a Zombie from your deck to gain 800 ATK, making it a key card in Zombie decks since it can protect weaker zombies with it's formidable ATK power and cause panic to the opponent and force them into focusing on it for destruction purposes. Since this card cannot be Special Summoned by Zombie effects, it won't be coming back very soon after being dealt with. Keep them alive if you want to make sure your opening game doesn't end with you setting your 0 DEF zombies to be killed off by effective Level 4 monsters. If you lose your Solanum Hivemaggots, your deck will lose an extreme amount of speed and field presence.
Anime Girl References
Anime Girl References

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Use the Dead, to make more Dead (Zombie Strategy Guide!) Empty Re: Use the Dead, to make more Dead (Zombie Strategy Guide!)

Post by Seattleite on Sun May 29, 2011 4:10 pm

Awesome guide Darkest. I like the indepth review (and links to the wikia, lol). Nice Very Happy


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Use the Dead, to make more Dead (Zombie Strategy Guide!) Empty Re: Use the Dead, to make more Dead (Zombie Strategy Guide!)

Post by Anime Girl References on Sun Jun 05, 2011 5:23 am

Lovely Fuschia Draw Engine:
Solanum Hivemaggot + Ourano's Ordeal + Composted Zombie + Lovely Fuschias

If you don't want to use Wight Whispermaid you could use the following:

Use Ourano's Ordeal to Summon Lovely Fuschias. Send it to the Graveyard to draw 2 cards.

Normal Summon Solanum Hivemaggot and send a Composted Zombie to the Graveyard with Solanum's Effect. Return Composted Zombie to your deck with it's effect to Special Summon Lovely Fuschias. Send it to the Graveyard to Draw 2 cards.

With this effect you can draw 2 cards every turn as long as Solanum Hivemaggot remains on the field and as long as Lovely Fuschias has a way to go into your Graveyard (by tributing it for a monster or by tributing it for an effect works).
Anime Girl References
Anime Girl References

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Use the Dead, to make more Dead (Zombie Strategy Guide!) Empty Re: Use the Dead, to make more Dead (Zombie Strategy Guide!)

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