Very First Strategy Guide : Whirlpool Serpent

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Very First Strategy Guide : Whirlpool Serpent Empty Very First Strategy Guide : Whirlpool Serpent

Post by Seattleite on Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:15 am

I am going to post a strategy guide for Whirpool Serpent that card from FLFS.

Very First Strategy Guide : Whirlpool Serpent 98186

Whirlpool serpent gains Whirlpool counters each turn. After 1 turn it can destroy any 500 DEF or less monster that is summoned, and more turns it has more potential. This makes it a potentially powerful Anti-Meta , swarm and protection card.

The problem is keeping it on the field long enough. Fortunately there is plenty WATER support to keep it safe from Attacks. Wall of Water can protect it from 1 attack every turn at the cost of skipping your draw phase. If that's not enough, Sunken Ship the WATER field spell card can redirect attacks to WATER monsters with a stronger DEF. If they try to use effects on you you can use a card like Vengeful Souls, Celestial Counterblow or Requiem of Parting. Vengeful Souls carries the re-usability bonus, while Celestial Counterblow can protect from other attacks and Requiem of Parting (when used in a predominately WATER deck), can let you destroy a Spell or Trap in the process.

In all, Whirlpool Serpent is an underused card in WATER decks, but it gives the more Passive decks (usually WATER though), a whole lot more firepower. Cool

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