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Post by Seattleite on Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:16 am

Freaks & Geeks - 18
3|Qrev|Clandestine Voodoo Priest
3|Qrev|Clandestine Cryogenic Head
3|Qrev|Clandestine Arcane Commander
3|Qrev|Clandestine Incinerator
2|Qrev|Clandestine Shock Mind
3|Acrd|Arcanastorm Psion
1|Acrd|Bellum, Bender of Time

Spells - 17
3|Qrev|Magician's Book of Secrets
2|Nwor|Energy Osmosis
3|Enil|Spell Search
3|Qrev|Secret Agenda
2|Qrev|Sanguined Slasher
1|Acrd|Depraved Extortion
1|Dodm|Support Recharge

Traps - 5
3|Nwor|Meditation - Charge
2|Anv1|Hostile Negotiation

Extra - 15
1|Acrd|Astral Nightmare
3|Qrev|Clandestine Aura
2|Anv2|Ascendant Leviathan
2|Rope|Interdimensional Dimensions Lord
1|Tttt|Soul Banisher
1|Dodm|Spectral Hierophant
1|Dodm|Phantom Stagbeetle
2|Tttt|Lightning Gatekeeper

Voodoo Priest is a key card. If you SS a Psychic with Meditation, Psy-Swap, Osmosis, Arcane Commander or Incinerator, you can swarm them and create Clandestine Aura, which can gain ATK quickly.
Magician's Book of Secrets can easily recycle Secret Agenda, Sanguined Slasher or Osmosis. Arcanastorm Psion can also search it out.

Ice Cube takes all your moms to prom

Clandestine Overlay Oprahs-Bees

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