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Post by Seattleite on Sat Sep 29, 2012 6:34 am

3|Dsa|Golden Flame Diviner
2|Dsa|Apollo, the Sun Divinity
3|Ww3|Pyrokinetic Angel
3|Anv1|Volcano Controller
3|Dsa|Volcano Explorer
2|Dsa|Phoenix of the Immortal Flame
1|Dsa|Molten Basalt Blaster
3|Enil|Flame Bug
3|Dsa|Flare Sprite

3|Dsa|Mt. Pyro
3|Anv1|Lava Stream
3|Dsa|Finale Flame
2|Flfs|Stabilization Dome
3|Rope|Firestorm of the Righteous
3|Ww3|Vowing the Will

3|Dsa|Neoflame Knight
Other extra deck implied, idc.

What it do: Mt. Pyro dumps things like Flame Bug, Volcano Controller, Apollo and Volcano Explorer. Volcano Controller can search out Lots of stuff if you reveal Apollo or Phoenix. Firestorm of the Righteous can summon apollo, or Pyrokinetic Angel or Golden Flame if necessary. Flare Sprite takes advantage of many discarding effects for summoning monster, helps search stuff. Flame Bug can be fodder for summons if necessary.

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