63 Normal Monsters, for Filler in the DA or whatever

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63 Normal Monsters, for Filler in the DA or whatever Empty 63 Normal Monsters, for Filler in the DA or whatever

Post by Anime Girl References on Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:12 am

Because it's good. Some of them are Tuners, depending on the needs of the certain archetype (from my old CCG, most of these tuners were okay to be level 4 because the Rituals were far more powerful than the Synchros and getting out 4 Synchros and whatnot was not gamebreaking at all because not very many of them were overbearing as hell, and there was a lot of adequate synchro countering).

Sea Serpents
|Gloomblood Raymarrow|001|USV1|Sea-Serpent|WATER|4||2000|50|Even though it is the newborn fry of the Raymarrow, this serpent can behead giants with it's vorpal tail, and rip a dragon to pieces with it's violent chitonous teeth, twisted and gnarled to afflict misery and horror in the cruelest ways imaginable.|
|Phlegethon Raymarrow|002|USV1|Sea-Serpent|WATER|5||2550|2450|Known as the stalker of the Phlegethon, brave and fearsome enough to drag demons into the lowest bowels of hell and feast upon them. Even towering beings of torment and entropy stray from the water to avoid this demented being, whose hunger demands the flesh of the most evil beings it can find.|
|Lunarslayer Godrotter Raymarrow|003|USV1|Sea-Serpent|WATER|8||3000|3200|This legendary serpent is the devourer of Gods and undoer of worlds. The wave of it's fins silence the dead. It's bellow unravel histories long dead. It's wake melts dimensional fabric into a bleeding crimson debris.|[/quote]

|Skeleton Lord|004|USV1|Zombie|EARTH|4||1950|0|Ascended from the elite of the undead, this master of undeath uses it's immortality to persist in the longest wars, surviving for millions of years and never succumbing to the struggle of mortal pain.|
|Myath|005|USV1|Zombie|DARK|5||2500|0|A demented dragon lich set aflame by the angry souls of people it destroyed, it's flesh decaying into a magenta hue. Being driven to destroy and annihilate all that lives before it, unreachable by reason or by pain.|
|Necrophim of Tartarus|006|USV1|Zombie|DARK|7||2800|2100|Once a being of angelic grace and humility who gave his life to protect the heavens from a horrid fate, has now regained life as one of the darkest evils to set foot into the mortal world. Bearing a blade that brings an end to all life, this winged evil brings only pestilence, plagues and sadness where it steps.|

|Platinum Ant|007|USV1|Insect|EARTH|4||1900|2100|A massive primordial ant whose exoskeleton is coated in an indestructable silver-colored alloy. Entire hives of these armored insects are known to wipe out entire continents of life in their conquest for territory and food.|
|Stymphalian Razorwing Dragonfly|008|USV1|Insect|FIRE|5||2400|2700|A monstrous dragonfly who terrorizes the landscape with the shuddering of it's metallic wings. This monster is coated in metal spikes that it uses to impale prey with before tearing it to pieces and devouring it.|
|Aqrabuamelu|009|USV1|Insect|FIRE|8||2900|3250|A wicked fusion of a extremely cruel barbarian and a blood-thirsty scorpion. This Chimera of terror uses it's claws and tail to completely destroy all of it's opposing enemies while draining them of their life.|

|Goresky Harpy|010|USV1|Winged-Beast|WIND|4||1950|1650|A wicked flying monster who has earned the title "Goresky" amongst the Harpy flock for snatching her victims, hoisting them into the sky, and then ripping them into a couple thousand pieces before their remains reach the ground.|
|Gandaberunda|011|USV1|Winged-Beast|EARTH|6||2450|2500|A massive monstrous bird who bears two heads. Since it has two mouths to feed and a voracious appetite, this creature takes delight in ripping it's prey in two by pulling it until it rips apart.|
|Xecotcovach|012|USV1|Winged-Beast|DARK|7||2900|1900|A extremely colossal black bird that covers it's prey in shadows. It rips chunks of earth from the ground and pummels it's prey into pieces with it.|

|Mboi Tu'i|013|USV1|Reptile|EARTH|4||1850|1950|A massive snake with a parrot's beak and wings that terrorizes those who dwell in the jungle. Can rip apart metal walls with it's beak and snap bones in half easily.|
|Runeslayer Sobek|014|USV1|Reptile|WATER|6||2500|1500|Stalking the rivers and niles, this Sobek uses a arcane blade to turn it's enemies into sand when struck into the ground, if it chooses not to eat them.|
|Guillotinemaw Kothoga|015|USV1|Reptile|EARTH|8||2950|2850|A deadly chimera who bears the giant serated jaws of a beetle, the body and claws of a lion and the face and serated tail of a crocodile, this demented creature survives by beheading it's victims with it's jaws and eating their brains.|

|Gytrash|016|USV1|Beast|DARK|4||1900|1900|A sinister and mysterious spirit, taking the shape of a black dog with burning white eyes. Dark, albeit merciful, When it happens upon a lost creature, it chooses either to strike fear into their hearts and attack them relentlessly, or lead them to the closest safe place.|
|Vrykolakas|017|USV1|Beast|DARK|6||2450|2600|Demented and always hungering for blood and flesh, it is the undead incarnation of a vampire/werewolf hybrid. It can devour bodies whole, and it's claws can rip through steel.|
|Catoblepas of the Stygian Loam|018|USV1|Beast|DARK|8||3000|3600|This colossal life-ending creature roams the Loam with tremendous strength and armor, bringing down even the strongest of demons with it's death gaze.|

|Abyssal Doublemaw Shark|019|USV1|Fish|WATER|4||1950|1500|A monstrous shark bearing two mouths, each lined with millions of chitonous teeth. Nothing can outspeed it or outpower it in the sea.|
|Ironjaw Duncleosteus|020|USV1|Fish|WATER|6||2450|2700|Roaming the seas, everslowly, this primordial sea titan's bony armor cannot be pierced, and it's jaws can snap the bones of giants with just a little pressure. It's control over the deepsea is undisputed.|
|Pitch Black Teralodon|021|USV1|Fish|WATER|8||3050|2850|This shark's power is unlike anything else in the entire world. It's jaws can tear dragons and chimera asunder, and it can ram into islands and shake it's prey from the edges, devouring entire populations in one swallow. When it's fin cuts through water riptides and tsunamis form.|

|Rabid Gnoll|022|USV1|Beast-Warrior|EARTH|4||1900|1850|A demented half-hyena warrior using a cleaver to rip apart it's prey and devour it, bones and all. Entire packs of these creatures can lay entire landscapes to waste.|
|Satyr Warpscyther|023|USV1|Beast-Warrior|DARK|5||2500|300|Bearing a warped diamond scythe and decorated in bones, this satyr is a horror amongst forest-dwellers, executing those who do not bend to it's every whim.|
|Blackcoat Minotaur of the Psychotic Mist|024|USV1|Beast-Warrior|WIND|7||3000|700|This minotaur carries a megaton greataxe, crafted from slivers of bones from those who were beheaded by it. Standing taller than most creatures, this violent monster can stomp it's enemies underfoot and dismember them with it's bare hands.|

|Grimlock Dragon|025|USV1|Dragon|LIGHT|4||1950|1950|A very pure-hearted but violent dragon, who seeks out the darkest of beings and rips them to pieces, devouring their soul so it can use the dark energy to increase it's power.|
|Fafnir|026|USV1|Dragon|WATER|6||2600|1950|Roaming the ancient mountainsides and plain tundras, this legendary dragon unleashes a breath of frost to instantly freeze it's enemies before smashing them to pieces with it's powerful claws.|
|Primordial Herensuge|027|USV1|Dragon|WATER|8||3200|3100|The Herensuge are known as tyrannical dragons with seven heads and a very wicked desire to annihilate all life. Everything will fall to it's wake as they unleash supermassive torrents of destruction upon entire worlds, depolarizing gravity and causing tectonic plates to shudder, making planetary systems collapse under their immense power.|

|Zettaraptor|028|USV1|Dinosaur|EARTH|4||1950|300|The vorpal claws of this fearsome raptor can rip into the armor of golems and break them into shambles. It is uncontested in the world of power.|
|Abhorrent Dracotyrannus|029|USV1|Dinosaur|FIRE|6||2600|2800|This massive hybrid between a Tyranno and a Dragon lives it's life spewing torrents of flame that are miles wide, and causing earthquakes with it's tremendous steps. Almost nothing can stand in it's way when it's on a rampage.|
|Zeusaur|030|USV1|Dinosaur|FIRE|8||3200|3050|The legends written about the Zeusaur speak of it being able to rip thunder giants from the clouds and eat them, devour Raymarrow plucked from the sea, and crush sphinx and dragons alike under it's feet. Even the Kraken of the deep sea are devoured by this ultimate dinosaur.|

|Skullgrinder Exoloth|031|USV1|Fiend|FIRE|4||1900|2000|A horrid multilegged demon wielding two giant scythes in it's hands. It can trample others under it's feet and behead them with a couple swings.|
|Macabre Shemhazai|032|USV1|Fiend|DARK|6||2500|2400|With blackened wings outstretched, mouth and eyes dripping with tar and poison, and withered skin that feels like rotten tree bark and stone, this malicious creature rips apart it's enemies and then scatters them in the air.|
|Titanic Pitlord Baalroth|033|USV1|Fiend|FIRE|8||3100|2900|Known as the ringleader of all demonkind, and the highest caliber of hellborne monsters that can be spawned, a Baalroth is a gigantic humanoid demon, with skin darkened to black with red volcanic veins pulsing throughout. Using weaponry such as an everburning scourge-whip and a giant scimitar of hellfire, it can rip angels and colossus to pieces.|

|Deathroot Sabistar|034|USV1|Plant|EARTH|4||1850|2150|A mutated plant being who unleashes deadly toxins into the air to stop it's prey from breathing before crushing it into mulch with it's vines. It feeds the mulch to fellow smaller plants or greedily absorb it itself.|
|Heartrotter Helleborus|035|USV1|Plant|WATER|5||2450|2950|A beautiful white flower monster that dwells in a beautiful lake festering with acid that can melt skin off of bones and rot the lungs and heart of any who breathe it's pollen.|
|Mephitic Mirecap|036|USV1|Plant|WIND|7||2950|3150|Stretching hundreds of miles into the air is the Mephitic Mirecap, a gigantic fungus monster with stalky legs and giant eyestalks that emit burning rays that disintegrate everything that it can see. It's a very volatile monster who spawns a sea of fungus when it colapses and dies.|

|Corundum Xorn|037|USV1|Rock|EARTH|4||1850|2200|A multiarmed stone-creature from deep in the earth, whose rough armor can deflect even the strongest of weapons and attacks. Uses a multitude of different armored body parts to protect it's central eye, which can see even in the heaviest of darkness.|
|Gemsteel Talos|038|USV1|Rock|WIND|5||2350|3000|Crafted from an extremely rare alloy that shimmers like diamonds but is as hard as a planet's core, this giant warrior using a world-splitting blade to chop it's gigantic enemies in half.|
|Baetylus the Celestial Pillar|039|USV1|Rock|LIGHT|8||2800|3500|One of the most highly regarded colossus in the entire world, the Baetylus is referred to as the bringer of light, using reflections of light from the sun to burn away the wicked, and using it's massive size to wipe out armies of demons and creatures that oppose it.|

|Theotech Assaultcopter|040|USV1|Machine|FIRE|4||1950|1300|This unstoppable machine is controlled by the will of the deities who created it, utilizing it's searing rays and it's thousands of hellfire missiles to annihilate the enemies of it's guardian deity.|
|Nebulascythe Dreadnaught|041|USV1|Machine|FIRE|6||2550|2800|An extremely heavily armored, jet-black airship that utilizes giant space-rending blades as weaponry, used to tear enemy ships and monsters to bloody ribbons or heaps of shrapnel.|
|Deibane - Annihilator Class 1|042|USV1|Machine|DARK|8||3150|3100|A stygian mecha piloted by demons to battle with angels, using it's mechanical supremacy and abyssal weaponry to torment and kill those who stand in it's way. A truely terrifying machine, the Deibane is said to conquer heavens and aethers, and set entire worlds ablaze.|

|Adamant Mainstay|043|USV1|Warrior|WIND|4||1900|1300|An extremely powerful general, his identity hidden in a lime green cloak. Using a sword and shield he can even best monsters twice his size.|
|Thanatoscythe Vanguard|044|USV1|Warrior|DARK|5||2500|1200|A grisly warrior who bears a gigantic scythe that leaves a wicked trail of shadows when swung. He can manipulate this giant trail into a wall of knives that can impale charging enemies.|
|Chainstorm Axemistress|045|USV1|Warrior|FIRE|8||3000|3000|A legendary female warrior who uses a scourge of axes to split and dismember her enemies, opposing the might of dragons, sea-serpents and titans, tying them down with chains and then beheading them with ease. No warrior has defeated the amount of horrid beings that she has.|

|Astralgore Sorceress|046|USV1|Spellcaster|DARK|4||1900|1850|A dementedly beautiful sorceress who utilizes the power of dark magic to make her victim's souls bleed from their eyes and fall into an eternal coma.|
|Djinn of the Locusts|047|USV1|Spellcaster|DARK|6||2550|2450|A demented genie who is bound to a magical lamp, who brings forth pestilence and armies of elementals to lay waste to whatever it wishes.|
|Marid|048|USV1|Spellcaster|WATER|8||3050|2650|Known as the manipulator of hurricanes and ocean twisters, this maginificent power summons storm clouds and whirlpools to lay waste to everything at the will of those who wish ill for the world.|

|Hellstorm Archon|049|USV1|Pyro|FIRE|4||1900|1750|A servant of the tyrants of fire, forged from the eternal burning heaths of flame. It weilds weaponry forged in stone and fire, that can burn entire creatures to ashes.|
|Primordial Salamander|050|USV1|Pyro|FIRE|6||2600|1100|A towering reptilian monster with 8 legs, decorated with spikes and adorned with a sail of everblue fire that burns out of control. A sweep of it's tail can burn anything to ashes.|
|Pariahplume Phoenix|051|USV1|Pyro|FIRE|8||3000|3050|A Violent and cruel breed of phoenix who nests in the forests of torment, this phoenix spends most of it's time hunting lost souls and eating them, getting involved with skirmishes and exploding into a storm of fire upon death.|

|Thunderfray Valkyrie|052|USV1|Thunder|LIGHT|4||1950|1750|A beautiful winged warrior bearing a pure gold halberd with lustering armor, who leads the souls of deceased heroes and great warriors to the halls of Valhalla.|
|Thunderember Twintania|053|USV1|Thunder|FIRE|6||2550|2700|An emaculate draconic monster bearing the fusion of a scorpion and a dragon, it's wings resonating lightning bolts from it as they flap, firing electric energy from it's mouth to annihilate it's enemies.|
|Ancient Ceraunopteryx |054|USV1|Thunder|DARK|8||3000|3100|A primordial thunderbird with 6 wings, that unveils hellish thunderstorms upon the world and shoots lightning from it's eyes.|

|Ravaging Mixopterus|055|USV1|Aqua|WATER|4||1900|2000|A heavily armored ancient sea-dweller whose claws can crush and shatter bones, and using razorsharp bristles to slice apart those who try to eat it.|
|Lou Carcolh|056|USV1|Aqua|WATER|6||2450|3000|A massive sea monster who takes the form of a serpent in a snail's shell, which has bristles extending from it's mouth that can stretch for miles and ensnare prey from a long distance.|
|Tremendous Scyllazoa|057|USV1|Aqua|WATER|8||2930|3130|Scouring the sea with it's extremely long tentacles, this eyeless being of hunger creates whirlpools when rising out of the ocean, and tangling sea serpents in it's tentacles to absorb and devour them. It's shell is as hard as steel, and it's tentacles can rip buildings in half.|

|Warped Mephistozoa|058|USV1|Psychic|WATER|4||1950|1170|A demented brain-based jellyfish that beheads it's victims and devours their brain to gain more knowledge of the world.|
|Telemaligna Psionic Warrior|059|USV1|Psychic|DARK|6||2500|2100|A powerful master of psychic power who uses her enhanced telekinesis to wipe out entire armies of nulls, devils, dragons and zombies.|
|Umbramatter Kineticlonius|060|USV1|Psychic|DARK|8||3000|2500|An absolutely ruthless female psychic, who delights in ripping her prey into ribbons and watching her enemies explode into millions of pieces. Her invisible hands can rip into steel and deconstruct even large war machines.|

|Strifebreaker Veilwing|061|USV1|Fairy|LIGHT|4||1950|1150|A very beautiful angel who wanders the darkness of the night to lead lost souls to safety. Bearing a silver ranseur to impale and tear apart evil monstrosities that would dare attack the weak.|
|Pyrosupraphim|062|USV1|Fairy|DARK|6||2500|2600|A superior angel of vengeance and unparalleled power who uses searing silver flames and brilliant strikes of lightning to undo chaos.|
|Nyctoglacial Emirial|063|USV1|Fairy|WATER|8||3100|2950|A undisputed master and guardian of the heavens and the tundra. Bringer of the frozen night, this winter angel can freeze entire armies of opponents with just the flap of her wings. Even the strongest of demons fall to her power.|

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63 Normal Monsters, for Filler in the DA or whatever Empty Re: 63 Normal Monsters, for Filler in the DA or whatever

Post by ALiCE'S EMOTiON on Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:51 am

A bunch of tributes weather they have an effect or not with 2000 ATK or more is just no, then monsters that just casually having about 3000 or more DEF that take one tirbute thats just.....no, no, no that is all OP'ed.

Because I can

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63 Normal Monsters, for Filler in the DA or whatever Empty Re: 63 Normal Monsters, for Filler in the DA or whatever

Post by Aquamarius on Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:59 am

I think they're all fine, save for the lv4 tuners with 1900 or more ATK. I think they could use an ATK drop to 1600-1850 or so.

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63 Normal Monsters, for Filler in the DA or whatever Empty Re: 63 Normal Monsters, for Filler in the DA or whatever

Post by Seattleite on Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:24 am

Ummm that is quite a leap in the standard.... let's make 2000 ATK the lone Exception 'kay? Average at 1900? And no tuners with 1900 ATK...

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63 Normal Monsters, for Filler in the DA or whatever Empty Re: 63 Normal Monsters, for Filler in the DA or whatever

Post by CNo.101 S.H.Death Knight on Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:44 am

well isn't 2000 suppose to be the standard for a monster with neutral effect, drawback and no effect at all? also for DEF i think 2100 would be an ok standard for a monster with neutral effect and no effect at all but drawback it can be like 2400 or so.

btw, isn't neutral effect mean an effect that either benefit both players and not?

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63 Normal Monsters, for Filler in the DA or whatever Empty Re: 63 Normal Monsters, for Filler in the DA or whatever

Post by Anime Girl References on Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:00 pm

WereLord wrote:A bunch of tributes weather they have an effect or not with 2000 ATK or more is just no, then monsters that just casually having about 3000 or more DEF that take one tirbute thats just.....no, no, no that is all OP'ed.


I made a giant explanation about this when I was typing this reply, explaining why these Normal Monsters are perfectly fine with having high stats, but I accidentally hit the refresh button and lost the entire thing because this place never saves caches/drafts of what you type, so hell with it.

So what if Platinum Ant has 1900 ATK and 2100 DEF? It's either going to be in Attack or Defense Position, and the only thing it can really do to gain advantage over the opponent is attack.

Big Shield Locker has 2100 DEF and some pretty awesome fucking effects, negating Special Summons, killing a card upon it's death. Having that alone merits only having 0 ATK and 2100 DEF. Wynn, Hiita, Aussa, Lynn, Dharc and Eria are 1900 ATK Fusion Substitutes that can...PRETEND to be a Normal Monster to gain it's Card Support and be Summoned by it. How is a Platinum Ant supposed to compare to that? What can Platinum Ant do by itself? Attack, not attack, or sit in Defense Position. It has no built-in defense or offense. It is simply either beatstick or a wall.

God forbid that Normal Monsters be good at having high stats, the only real things they have to define them.

While yes, having them be tuners here would be bad since most Dino/Zombie/Plant tuners are generally not in the Level 10-12 area where being a Level 4 would be a drop in a bucket and since there are archetypes devoted to pumping out stupidly powerful Level 5-8 monsters (seriously, why the fuck do we have this problem over here too? The best ones should be the 9-12 levels, not below that since Level 4 and lower monsters can form them too easily).

Even then there are cards like Dark Eagle (a 2600 ATK 2800 DEF Lv6 Normal Monster) and WereLord + ZeroChill (3100 ATK and 3200 ATK) floating around here too.

And I also noticed I miswrote a couple of monster's levels too.

It's supposed to be read like so:

1st monster: Level 4
2nd monster: Level 5-6
3rd monster: Level 7+

Sorry about the misunderstanding if some monsters seem to be overpowered.

No Level 4 monster goes beyond 2000 ATK or 2200 DEF.

No Level 5 or 6 monster goes beyond 2600 ATK or 3000 DEF.

No Level 7+ monster goes beyond 3200 ATK or 3500 DEF.

Yes, they don't have to be tuners, yes, Raymarrow should be the only 2000 ATK level 4. I can accept those changes.
Anime Girl References
Anime Girl References

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63 Normal Monsters, for Filler in the DA or whatever Empty Re: 63 Normal Monsters, for Filler in the DA or whatever

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