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Rainbow Fusion v0.01 Empty Rainbow Fusion v0.01

Post by EMSOUP on Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:56 pm

Monsters: 21
3x Rainbow Eel
3x Orb of Manifest
2x Yurlungur the Elemental Lord

1x Icevale Witch
2x Nox Exploiter
1x Hellcrescent Strix
2x Yukisu

3x Shooting Star Bird
1x Scarlet Sybil
3x Warring Suit

Spells: 12
3x Advanced Polymerization
2x Alchemic Tour
1x Preparation of Fusion
2x Ascending Spirit/Elemental Replenishing
2x Lifeforce Shield
2x Sigil of the Elements
2x Support Recharge

Traps: 5
3x Hostile Negotiation
2x Effect Disorientation

1x Screeching Bunyip
1x Neutrino Blaster
1x Vigorpollen Dogwod
2x Swift Shining Albatross
1x Maiden of the Surreal City
1x Mud Master
1x Eternal Steam Engine
1x Diamond Armor Colossus
1x Sea Born Dragon
1x Solar Emperor Dragon

1x Chernobog

This is a rough draft. Still has consistency issues, but still works.

How to make it more consistent? Also, slashed cards are the cards that I'm still unsure of. Suggestions on that would be appreciated.

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