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Post by Midnight Wyvern on Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:17 pm

Molecular Evolution
Spell Card
Select 1 monster you control. Tribute it and Special Summon a monster with a Level higher than the tributed monster by 1 from your Deck. Pay Life points equal to the Level of the Summoned monster x200.

If anyone could guess the musical reference, You get 1 cookie.
Midnight Wyvern
Midnight Wyvern

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Post by Nova Orbis on Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:19 pm

Neon Sky- Molecular Evolution. Try something a little harder next time. I fell as though this can be easily abused.
Nova Orbis
Nova Orbis

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Post by Seattleite on Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:49 am

It's a powerful card with many possibilities, but also a little situational so i think it's ok.

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