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Post by Ash on Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:50 pm

Instead of having a mass of Locked threads, I thought it would be nice to Archive the pre-Reset decks that were posted in the forum.

If you guys have any others you'd like to add, just post them. Very Happy

Marmony Mechs - ZeroChill:

Monsters (22)

2x Harmony Mech 0T-K
3x Harmony Mech 2-PK
3x Harmony Mech 8-K
3x Harmony Mech A-A
2x Harmony Mech O-P
3x Harmony Mech Tu-nr
3x Chaos Synchron

Spells (15)

1x Stabilization Dome
2x Balance of Harmony
2x Elegy of Harmony
2x Harmony Gardens
2x Harmony Gathering Technique
2x Harmony's Requiem
2x Chaos Prism
2x Bathing Light

Traps [8]

2x Chaos Turrets
2x Harmonious Tuning
2x Attack Barrier
2x Werelords Last Resort

Extra (12)

3x Harmony Mech Alpha
3x Harmony Mech Beta
3x Chaos Warrior
3x Werelord - The Hunter

Deck Destruction - WereLord:

3x Dark Night Warrior
1x Great Abomination
3x Nightmare Eater
3x Plague Defender
2x Plague Runner
3x Wall of Pain
3x Doom Plant

3x Antidote
3x Dimension of Despair
1x Mind Storm
1x Phantom's Decision
2x Plague Overthrow

3x Maggot Dig
3x Attack Barrier
2x Dark Tornado
3x Dark Vibes
3x Force Breaker
1x WereLord Last Resort

Extra Deck-5
3x WereLord-The Hunter
2x Fiend Magician

Spirits - Seattleite:

3x Byakko the White Tiger
3x Spark Magician
3x Spirit Gate
3x Master of Judo
2x Akuma
2x La Llorona
2x Enma, Judge of Souls
2x Zukor Warrior
2x Luminous Descent
1x Ascension
1x Cosmic Prophet
1x Statue Guardian

2x Eternal Spirit
2x Stabilization Dome
1x All Hallow's Eve
1x Phantom's Decision
1x Search for a Cure

2x Corporealize
2x Twin Double Crossers
2x Tactical Offering
1x My Shield as a Body
1x Attack Barrier
1x Wheel of Misfortune

Extra Deck: The Usual

Anti-Meta - Alfred:



3|Eccentric Electron
3|Big Shield Locker
2|Escroc le Diamant
3|Escroc le Annuleur
1|Jailer of Lost Souls
1|Binder of Spirit
1|Bati, the Fat Guy
3|Thunder Baboon
1|Apprentice Controller


2|Cold Snap
3|Field Lock
1|Fission Blast
2|Scrap Explosion
1|Last Gasp Blast


2|Attack Barrier
1|Dark Tornado
1|Surprise Vent
2|Proper Burial

Supreme - Leo:

Monsters -21-:
Supreme Zexion - Thunder Jumper [3]
Supreme Xan - Fiend of Flames [3]
Supreme Darksoul - Revenge Monarch [2]
Supreme Yale - Insect Samurai [2]
Supreme Beast - Forest Cat [2]
Supreme Kraken - Sea Beast [2]
Corrupted Clown [2]
Escroc le Annuler [2]
Escroc le Diamant [1]
Supreme Gloria - Shadow Reaper [1]
Supreme Synqlu - Knight of Honor [1]

Spell Cards -9-:
Mind Reflection [2]
Supreme Decision [2]
Supreme Exploitation [2]
Mind Storm [1]
Forbidden Curse [1]
Supreme Eye [1]

Trap Cards -10-:
Dark Tornado [3]
Twin Double Crossers [2]
Attack Barrier [2]
Card of Great Reward [2]
Supreme Decloration [1]

Alchemics - -Pacman-:

3xRainbow Eel
2xAether the Easily Summonable Beater
3xAlchemic Hurricane
3xAlchemic Pheonix
3xAlchemic Rockfish
2xAlchemic Engine
2xAlchemic Qi Warrior
Escroc le Diamant
Escroc le Anelluer

2xAlchemic Tour
2xStabilization Dome
2xMind Reflection
Mind Storm
Aqua Fortis Wave
2xEnchanting Circle
3xSupreme Decision

2xAttack Barrier
Quelle Surprise!
WereLords Last Resort
3xDark Tornado

Plague - WereLord:

1x Plague Blizter
3x Plague Cannon
3x Plague Defender
3x Plague Demon
2x Plague Eagle
2x Plague King
2x Plague Runner
3x Plague Striker
3x Plague Thief

3x Antidote
1x Corpse Shield
2x Deck Reload
2x Plague Overthrow

3x Plague Counter Attack
2x Attack Barrier
3x Cursed MoonLight
3x Dark Tornado

Starchasers - Evanm7:

SC Lion-2
SC Knight-3
SC Fish-3
SC Drago-3
SC Fiend-3
Hurricane Hawk-3
Turbelent Zephyr Magus-1
Skeletal Bird-2
Tuner Wolf-2
Velia, Bomber of Grudges-2

Hurricane Summon-1
Tornado Zone-3
Supreme Decision-3
Starchaser, Emerge-3

Dark Tornado-3

Total Count: 40.

Extra Deck:
15x Generic

Side Deck: x3 Rouge Invertor

Monster Mash - Evanm7:

3x Red Eyes White Dragon
3x Statue of the Forbidden Deities
3x Dragon of Truth
2x Dragon of Revenge
3x Dragon of Compassion
3x Black Flame Dragon
3x Blue Flame Dragon
3x Flesh Zombie Dragon--->READ: Might take out. The engine (REWD) makes this a 1600 beater. Replacements?
3x Necromorpher--->Filler. Need replacements, but can function as a 1800 wall/1600 beater. No other point.
3x Harmony Mech 0t-K the BeaterNuke
2x Interdimensional Archiacmaker the member of milling/removing archetype who is monster form of MST.
Total: 31

Drago Shield x3
Mystic Mountain x3---> For those whom are freaking out at this: This and O-TK's nuke leaves a easy beating and a REWD setup play.
Inheriteted Right the REWD summoner x3

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