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Divine Rebirth Rarity List Empty Divine Rebirth Rarity List

Post by Leo on Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:07 am

Divine Rebirth:

Secret Rare:
Phoenixian Sudden Bloom
Eccentric Electron
All Hallow’s Eve
Scrap Destruction

Ultra Rare:
Reign of Magic
Black Raven of the Grave
Ancient Dweller of the Deep
Black Map
Interdimensional Soaringsword
Here, have that
Ultimate Tornado of the Far East
Quick Balance
Lazer Bow

Super Rare:
Chaos Changer
Peacock Plume
Arma Octopus
Phoenixian Garden
Trigar the Twin Destructor
Nimble Hamster
Chimaera Manticore
Crumbling Statue of Falling Kingdoms
Starshot Cannon
Thunder Cloud Condor
Striking Synchron
Ancient Arthropod
Fiend Solider
Hell’s Portal
Horrorking Rex

Magi Tower
Reinforce the Wall
Valiant Warrior
5-Combo Special
Aesthetic Aeroart
Deserting the Ranks
Squirrel Barracks
Unknown Chartography
Hydrokinetic Hold
Beast Defender
Circuit Break
Bypass Mobile Search Engine
Hilarious Harlequin Captain
Fallen Soldier
Sword of Time
Quadnormal Team
The Black Night
The White Night
Loyal Guardians
Gold Retriever
Rabid Sheep
Big Shield Locker
Thunder Baboon
Lunar Avenger
Dragon’s Call
Dark Swordlord

WereLord of the Dark Flame
Bloodlust Beserker
Ancient Power
Fire-Breathing Drakon
Lasor Drake
Valiant Return
Curse of the Staff of One
Land Refreshment
Toxic Plume
Sand Roller
Economic Recession
Will of the Weak
Angel Tears
Wave Whipper
Ultimate Beast Striker
Blood Moon
WereLord’s Defender
Twin Headed Spear Beast
Sand Axe
Equip Master Maii
Ancient Beast of a Time Before
Fiery Disco Dancer
Bird from a Magician’s Hat
Raging Rex
Vampiric Infection
Bone Spiner
Royal Air
Flame Portal
Disruptor Waves
Lightning Burst
Hobgoblin Geomancer
Sword of Space
Dark Eagle
Thunder Shock-Bird
Gemini Force
Martyred Canonization
Death Sentence
Crab the Crosser
Venom Spirit
Crystalus Drillsnakus
Kinetic Retaliation Machine
Elastic Field
Silverwind Dragon
Transmorgification of Dust
Sailing Stone
Roar of Nature
Gift Oyster
Gilead the Occultist
Silence Gear
Cannonball Lob
Blast Commander
La Llorona
Enma, Judge of Souls
Archaic Warrior
Summoning of the Genie
Fire Lake Demon
Mutant Snowman
Razor Talon
Weapon Cache Android
Eternal Guide
Defaulter Composite
Astral Blaze
Exploding Divebomber
Common Displacement
The Distant Star – Exos
Honor Tax
Eria, Water Erode
Aussa, Earth Smash
Hiita, Fire Scorch
Wynn, Wind Scramble
Dharc, Dark Corrupt
Lyna, Light Overload
Defense Amulet
Swift Shinning Albatross
Mud Master
World Split
Speedburst Bomb
Reign of Ancients
Next Pterodactyl
The Discord Matron
Tuner Wolf
Dark Moon Rebirth
Beast of the Moon-Heaven’s Flier
Veteran Tyrano
Galster, The Diamond Hope
Luster Purge Ritual
Reverse Tune
Diamond Construct
Sheen Soldier
Igneol, Mantelic General
Reflecting Stone
Darktooth Bronto
Dimensional Slash Summon
Creataceous Uprise
Extratyrann Brachius
Power Core
Coral Crown
Respected Burial
Sorrowful Tone
The Experienced Hunter
Interdimensional Paradox Summon
Controlling the Tribe
Life Ambition Haterade
Kaiser Dragon of Doom
Fortissimo the Gear Factory
Link Resonator
Pump Flamer
Gear Shifter
Damage Veiler

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