Side Decking; Countering the Meta

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Side Decking; Countering the Meta Empty Side Decking; Countering the Meta

Post by Leo on Wed Jun 20, 2012 12:39 pm

You can argue that LCCG doesn't really have a meta, since people usually run their own cards, but you still need to be weary of popular decks that are run. Not everyone just runs what they make (including me since most of my decks have had major flaws recently) and you will need to be prepared. Here are some of the main match-ups you will run into and how to deal with that threat. All cards mentioned (will be underlined) in this article can be found on the LCCG Wikia: If you have any more suggestions, post down below.

Catalyst Turbo

Deck in a Nutshell: Get Catalyst Apprentice onto the field. Abuse Spells with the draw power of Reign of Magic.

Influence on Game: Since Reign of Magic was recently put to 1, the deck takes some more skill to play. You might not see it often, but it is good to be prepared for it just in case your here wind of it being played, as in the right hands, it can create massive advantage in a hurry.

Cards to Counter the Deck:

Splitting Cut- Reign of Magic is the big reason this deck poses a problem for people and this card can get rid of it very easily, plus some of the other Spell Cards that the deck runs.


Deck in a Nutshell: There are many variants of this deck, but essentially x deck will use LIGHTs and DARKs in uni-cine and will try to get out Deep Chaos Dragon.

Influence on the Game: Chaos can be very popular, especially in Monster Mash format as a way to beat down your opponent with your big beaters.

Cards to Counter the Deck:

Black Raven of the Grave: Very good against this deck. It stops there big plays and is impossible for the Monster Mash variant to get around game 1 unless they main Scrap Destruction or Interdimensional Treaty.


Deck in a Nutshell: A very quick spamming deck. It has an Honest-esque card and can make a quick comeback in a hurry.

Influence on the Game: This is a decently popular deck. You will defiantly want to prepare for this.

Cards to Counter the Deck:

Black Raven of the Grave: Prevents them from summoning monsters from the graveyard, shutting down a lot of their big plays.

Mirror Wall: The deck loves using trap cards, so this card shuts them all down, making it a little more difficult for them to win.

Underworld Seal: This card works like Black Raven of the Grave, but it is a spell, meaning it cannot be destroyed by your opponent's Scrap Destruction or x removal card. It isn't a constant effect and can mildly affect you. It comes down to personal preference for this or Black Raven of the Grave.


Deck in a Nutshell: Gain hand advantage with Lovely Fuchsias and proceed to drop big rituals that lock down the opponent, mainly Nemico, Sealer of White Magic and Cameo, Sealer of Black Magic.

Influence on the Game: Recently played, it has great match-ups against popular decks, making it a deck to look out for.

Counters for the Deck:

Eccentric Electron: While you should usually be maining this, if you aren't, you have to side it against this deck. All of the big plays revolve around monster effects and this card can be key to helping you in the long term against the deck.

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Side Decking; Countering the Meta Empty Re: Side Decking; Countering the Meta

Post by Anime Girl References on Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:38 pm

You forgot Transcending Curses.

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