Another lolcals fail

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Another lolcals fail Empty Another lolcals fail

Post by Leo on Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:30 am

I played tg agents again.


1 bls
1 kristya
3 hyperion
3 earth
3 venus
3 dead draw balls
3 striker
3 warwolf
1 rush rhino
2 tour guide
2 maxx c
1 birdman
1 honest

3 duality
3 mst
1 dark hole
1 book of moon

1 bth
1 warning
1 call
1 tt
1 dprison
1 compulse

2 gachi
1 acid golem
1 leviathan
1 angineer
1 leviair
1 zenmaines
1 mist wurm
1 scrap dragon
1 colossal
1 brd
1 afd
1 gaia
1 librarian
1 armory arm

2 banisher
1 snowman
1 tkro
1 zombie world
2 smashing
1 crossout
2 overworked
2 dust tornado
2 gozen
1 imperial iron wall

r1 v fire fist

Play the same guy as the previous report thing.

g1: I drew jank.
g2: I draw into my Agent engine and go nuts.
g3: He sides heavy for the agent engine. I proceed to sack him with the tg cards and that is a gg.


r2 v frogs

This guy is apparently the best player at lolcals. Proceeding to shit bricks.

g1: I spend the entire duel remembering how the fuck frogs work in combination with these new tribute monsters. Obviously I lose.
g2: We play draw one, play one for a beat before I beat him down with Hyperion and Mist Wurm. (I mist wurmed his treeborn frog.  Troll Face )
g3: I open banisher and he has no outs.


At this point things are going great, then brain turns to shit and the misplays that you know and love come out.

r3 vs sack sams

g1: fuck shi-en with 4 backrow
g2: fuck shi-en with 5 backrow


r4 vs Harpies

g1: I begin to draw shine balls again. this is starting to piss me off.
g2: I finally manage to get field presence. dark hole and then I lose


Last round I lost I was to tired to even pay attention to the duel sadly.

- Played well when my brain wasn't mush.
- Rediscovered my inner sackiness.
- Beat the best player there.
- picked up hella msts so I don't have to keep exchanging them through decks.

- didn't draw kristya, again
- didn't win prize. it was only absolute powerforce though an the kid who won pulled two ultras and an ulti so nothing was really left.
- my brain stopped working after r2
- 2-3 again fuk
- didn't get crystal beasts done in time for event.

Another lolcals fail Cx0Z2D2

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