LCCG 1v1 Leaderboard (Pre-Set 16)

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LCCG 1v1 Leaderboard (Pre-Set 16) Empty LCCG 1v1 Leaderboard (Pre-Set 16)

Post by DIGITAL on Tue Oct 15, 2013 2:57 pm

So for those of you who don't know, YCM has a 1v1 card creation leaderboard led by Striker.

In the past I've tried to implement card creation competitions, but I've begun to realize they were too large scale.

This is an attempt to bring card creation, creativity, and activity in our off times.

Official Leaderboard (Wins/Losses)

1: Sea: 1/0
Ash: 0/0
Scheath: 0/0
2: Dylan: 0/1
Aqua: 0/0
Werelord: 0/0
Soup: 0/0
Leo: 0/0
Terror: 0/0
RD: 0/0
DFB: 0/0

Rules: (copy/pasted from Striker's YCM post)

1. Post the link to your 1v1 here. Your result will not count without these.
2. Thread titles must include [Leaderboard] to count.
3. A person can only be in one 1v1 at a time.
   I. Sanctioned Leaderboard tournaments do not count towards this limit.
4. 1v1s that count for the Leaderboard must have the following requirement:
   I. First to 3 votes wins or person with the most votes after determined amount of time wins.
   II. All votes must have a valid reason.
5. Do not scam me. If you do, I will report you to the mods. Cheating will not be tolerated.
6 If you get a name change, tell me when you post your next win so I don’t get it confused.
7. Winners will be determined by Win-Loss record, not straight up victories.
   I. A person with a 6-0 record will be ranked higher than a person with a 5-0 record, etc.
8. A minimum of five 1v1s are required to qualify to win a Season Championship.
9. If there is a tie, the following will happen:
   I. If two people tied, both must compete in a 1v1 against each other to break the tie
   II. If three or more people tied, they must compete in a regular contest to break the tie.
   III. If a tie resulted from someone winning a tiebreaker, then another tie breaker will not happen.
   IV. The winner of the tiebreaker will stay in the same position as they were before with their name underlined signifying they won the tiebreaker.
   V. If a tie for first happens, the loser of the tiebreaker becomes second and everyone below that person drops down a position. Same for second and third.
10. The person who votes in the most 1v1s by the end of the year wins the Helpful Voter Award.
11. I have the right to end 1v1s when either the deadline has passed or when the vote target has been reached.
12. If someone asks a question about a 1v1's card requirements, they have the right to accept the challenge after their question is answered.
13. People with 2 or more wins fewer than 3rd place can participate in 2 1v1s at a time.
   I. This means that you can join 2, join 1 and make 1, or make 2. As long as you are in 2 at a time with that condition.
   II. If there is a tie for 2nd place (leaving no 3rd place in the process), people with 2 or more wins fewer than 4th place can participate in 2 1v1s at a time.
14. If the deadline expires and both people are tied, then the 1v1 must be called a draw.
   I. Only exception is if it is 0-0, then the 1v1 goes on until a tiebreaking vote is cast or the season ends.
      i. The 1v1 will not count if it is still 0-0 when the season ends.
      ii. Both participants can participate in an extra 1v1 if overtime is happening.
15. No cards previously posted on YCM are allowed in Leaderboard 1v1s.
16. Cards may not be fixed once voting has begun.
   I. By fixed, this means changing things already on the card. If a voter or the creator points out that something (ex. Attribute, Summoning requirements, ATK, and DEF) is           missing completely, then it can be fixed and any vote that is based on this error will be null.
17. Switching out a card for another after submission (unless it didn't meet the condition, then use rule 16) is prohibited.
18. Feel free to discuss these rules through PM with me, since I’m open to suggestions.
19. I have the right to add and change rules.

Note that you don't have to read all of the rules, just make sure you have a basic understanding ^.^
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