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Post by Anime Girl References on Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:36 am

x3 Infernalinde Virunas
x3 Infernalinde Vandella
x3 Infernalinde Succubus
x2 Infernalinde Lilim

x3 Helena, Angel of Radiant Judgment
x3 Kaori, Angel of Heaven's Aurora
x3 Vivian, Angel of the White Passage

x2 Mara Temptress
x2 Walker of the Leyline
x2 Hellcrescent Strix

x3 Sanguined Slasher
x1 Mortify
x1 Depraved Extortion
x2 Scrap Liquidation

x2 Economic Recession
x2 Absolute Vitiation
x3 Tranquilizing Gas

x1 Umi-ryujin
x2 Infernalinde Harionago
x2 Infernalinde Empusa
x2 Chaos Angel
x2 Starshot Cannon
x1 Anathema's Desire Seadra
x1 Chaos End Dragon
x1 Shadow End Dragon
x1 Monster of the Maelstrom
x3 Fiendish Queen of Subjugation

x1 Icevale Witch
x2 Infernalinde Abyzou

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Anime Girl References
Anime Girl References

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Angelinde Synchro Empty Re: Angelinde Synchro

Post by Seattleite on Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:45 am

-2 Economic Recession, it just seems rare that you'd want to pay the cost twice just to gain more infernalinde effects
-2 Hellcrescent Strix - You got lots going on, seems you'd want room for more Chaos fuel
-3 Vandella - meh, it's already a level 4, if I were you i'd want to keep it like that

+3 Melusine - destruction! And Subjugation fuel!
+2 Deep Chaos Dragon - seems fun
+2 Eccentric Electron - will replace Strix

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