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Post by Ash on Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:04 am

3|Dead|Sand Demon Mud Wave
3|Tttt|Sand Demon Terragama
3|Dead|Sand Demon Storm Caller
3|Dead|Sand Demon Sand Stream
2|Rope|Sandgrave Cobra
2|Clpc|Nox Exploiter

3|Dsa|Extremely Obvious Spike Trap
2|Dodm|Lifeforce Shield
2|Rope|Lay an Egg
2|Anv2|Wretched Abyss
2|Dirb|Scrap Destruction
1|Nwor|Razor Scales

3|Dsa|Effect Disorientation
2|Rope|Soul Spark Attack
2|Acrd|Acid Spark
2|Dsa|Tranquilizing Gas
2|Anv1|Isis's Last Wish
1|Clpc|Gift from Diabolus

3|Dead|Sand Demon Dust Cyclone
2|Dead|Sand Demon Sandstorm
1|Res1|Rainbow Tail
1|Enil|Fiend Magician
1|Dirb|Fiend Solider
1|Ww3|Gunmetal Gatling
1|Dsa|Giant Soul of the Equator
1|Rope|Deepsea Atlanthal Guide
1|Dsa|Abagtha, Bringer of Confusion
1|Ww3|RT-67 Gadgetron
1|Anv2|Toy Airplane Gunning You From Up Above
1|Qrev|Maiden of the Forgotten Mansion

Yeah. Deck was fun last format, but really quite slow with no comeback plays other than hoping to top a Cobra with backrow. Terragama changes that a bit, and being a good Sand Demon lets me play less of the sub-optimal cards. Sand Caller and Terragama are definite 3-ofs, while Mud Wave is better than the other level 4's for speeding into a Sandstorm/Cyclone. Lay an Egg/Sand Stream lets me deck-thin and keep monster presence, and fortunately both of Streams effects benefit in getting you to your better cards (though the latter effect is clearly not great turn 1) and Razor Scales.

Lifeforce, Spike Trap, Tranquilizing Gas all help the deck handle its slower starts and protect your Caller while it gets its search off, or keep a Sandgrave alive while you snipe backrows with your Traps. Exploiter gives you a hand-trap as protection and can combo with Sand Stream to get further through your Deck for that Terragama, Razor Scales or Mud Wave so that you can start applying pressure.

I've included Acid Spark over other S/T negation, with the basis being that if your field is broken there is almost no top-deck ability to get you back in control - that sure-fire negation is so important to keeping Cyclone out. Cyclone is also the reason for the 2 Isis. I feel that Cyclone is more important for combating the stronger decks that could otherwise dismantle your field (Nox Deceiver) than what Sandstorm can provide. Naturally, Dust Cyclone + Razor Scales is a field that is near unbeatable and this is a mindset I'll look for if my 1 Scales reaches the hand.

I don't think the Deck will challenge at the highest levels, but there are a couple of neat tricks and Dust Cyclone will be a powerhouse when removal is less common.

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