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Post by Seattleite on Tue Apr 26, 2011 1:44 pm

LP gain decks in the LCCG can be surprisingly aggressive. How, you ask? This will explore some of your options.

Blood Sap - This card is your staple. 3 should be run because of its usefulness. This card can turn an Ice Cube into a 2 card draw. For LP decks this is bread and butter.

Pirate's Grotto- Searches out Blood Sap. Run 2 or 3.

Milos the Diplomat - Your deck will be mostly LIGHT/Fairy based so putting this in shouldn't be a problem. This has an astounding ATK for a Lv6. But with the direct attacking deficiency, use it mainly to clear monsters away. Run 2 or 3.

Lost Eden - Obvious LP gain and LIGHT support field spell is obvious. Milos suddenly becomes a 2900 ATK beast, Lyna 2200 ATK. Run 3 w/2 stabilization dome, or 2 w/1 stabilization dome.

Dark Medician - The tuner. Probably won't gain much ATK, but you'll mainly just want the SS. Run 2 or 3.

Faith - Works with all your Fairies, regardless of attributes. You can surprise your opponent by using this on Dark Medician, gaining a massive amount of LP. Alternatively for low ATK Fairies you can run Paper Crane, which is also a Tuner, but in this deck Dark Medician will give you more advantage. Run 1 or 2.

Peacemaker - a beautiful stall card which will help you wait to gain more LP. Nuff said. Run 1 or 2.

Lyna Light Overload - Use it with Advanced Poly to get Swift Shining Albatross, also an obvious 1900 ATK beater and target for Peacemaker and Solar Princess. Run 3.

Energy Osmosis - A ditch-effort card, use it on Albatross or Milos for some cards. Also can surprise your opponent after destroying. Run 1 or 2.

Chariot of Helios - With all the draw power this should be obvious. Run a few.

Survivor - Amazing comeback card which with blood sap can also net you soooo much cards. Also perfect for letting your opponent waste tons of attack options on you. Run 2.

Ice Cube - Another target for Blood Sap and Solar Princess. Run 1 or 2.

Bellum, Bender of Time - It doesn't fit in with your usual type/attribute schema, but you want this in at 2. It gives heal decks some oompf.


Aura Refraction - Depending on how many LIGHT targets you have (including Milos, of course), the number of copies can vary.

Aura Wall - Really good if you run a lot of LIGHT monsters. Bad if you don't. Up to you.

Advanced Polymerization - This + Lyna = Albatross + profit. I would recommend running at least 1, but you can run more if you want more Albatross and drawing. There's nothing wrong with that at all.

The Time and Space Chamber / Lightning Lab Accident - Alternatives to advanced poly. I don't recommend it particularly because Advanced Poly should have enough targets you don't have to resort to the grave, and Albatross isn't too helpful when summoned on the opponent's turn. If you find a combo with it though, go for it.

Haze Fairy - another fairy which searches, but your deck might be fast enough it doesn't need this and it would just get in the way of LP gain targets. your choice, but I wouldn't recommend running anywhere above 2.

Solar Princess - an alternate win condition. If you want to combine with FIRE and Cross-Radiation, go for it. Otherwise, you don't need it.

Cross-Radiation - an oft-forgotten card which actually goes VERY well if you run 3 solar princess and chariot of helios. After it's destroyed replace it with a Milos. Or vice-versa. It's flexible. =D Also goes with Ruby Chameleon for searching the polys.


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