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Post by ALiCE'S EMOTiON on Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:14 pm

Meh for RP stuff

For now post your characters and general info aka wepons ect.

Might as well join as well: note Armor is for sissys

Gothic Cross Tatto on back
Equipment-Gothic Cross Necklace, A Standard Deck of playing cards, a med. Waist pouch
Clothing-A Black Half Trench coat, Black Backless tank top, skin tight jeans and combat boots. a black long hooded cloak. the essentials
No Wepons or Armor

Note:different RP format but hey quick sheet ftw.

Because I can

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Post by EMSOUP on Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:25 pm

May as well join in the fun

Character Name: Leticia Garland Level: 1
Gender: Female Race: Human
Age: 16 Weight/height: 49 Kg/164 cm Class: Wizard
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Deity:

Ability Scores:
STR:5 Mod:-3 Mod + ½ level:
CON:10 Mod:0 Mod + ½ level:
DEX:16 Mod:3 Mod + ½ level:
INT:18 Mod:4 Mod + ½ level:
WIS:16 Mod:3 Mod + ½ level:
CHA:8 Mod:-1 Mod + ½ level:

Character Information:

Character Background and Personality:

Leticia was a student from a school of magic which got destroyed in a freak magic accident several months ago. It was caused by her, of course. But she didn’t actually care, since no one was killed. It kinda gotten her kicked from the town though. She claimed that she is a insanely genius mage. While she is actually brilliant, she is not on that level yet, and she’s really clumsy, so people tend to ignore it. Even though she does know a multitude of spells, she often miscast the spells due to her clumsiness, so she usually sticks to channeling her spells through her items.

She is ignorant to other people, somewhat lazy, but her biggest downfall is she often forgot about details. Usually, she didn’t care much about her companion, but if she decided that someone is worth caring, she will focus her attention to that person, even to a stalker-ish level.

Since she was kicked out of the town, she now lives in a wooden house in a forest near the town (the house was uninhabited for several years, so she has no qualms to live there without permission).

Physical Appearance and Clothing:

She has a black, neck-long hair, with a very boy-ish cut. Her eyes are dark brown. Her figure is thin and frail, but she looks more like a boy than a girl.

Since she didn’t like extravagant clothing (for simplicity purpose), her favorite attire are plain white shirt, a rough long brown pants made of cow leather and a rough brown boat shoes. Also, she often uses a white cloak that covers most of her body, with protection runes sewn on it. She made it by herself, and its purpose mainly is to protect her from the weather, but it also helps her in fending off ranged projectiles, like stones. She also sometimes wear glasses, since she spends too much of her time reading old books, also to make her look more intelligent.

Other Equipments:

She often carries a plain white mask, to go with her white robe. The mask is only there for cosmetic purpose for now, since she can’t decide on what spell she should put on the mask. When she went out from her house, she often carries a small bag, which was strengthened with a protection spell, so it wouldn’t get ripped easily. Due to her weak physical body, she often uses a walking stick. She fused her walking stick with a hunting knife, to make hunting in the forest less of a hassle (since she usually refrains from casting an offensive spell because of the fear of burning the whole forest), also to make her walking staff a secret weapon.

The last item she usually carries is a pocket watch that is stained by blood. She found it while walking near the forest, and whose blood covered it is unknown, or even if the blood is from a human being. She uses that pocket watch as a……surprise flail. Seriously. But, it seems that when she uses a spell while holding it, the spell seems to become stronger, in exchange to be more uncontrollable. She don’t take any risks though, and mostly keep the watch for time –keeping and flailing strangers to death.

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