A Stressed Toroise

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A Stressed Toroise Empty A Stressed Toroise

Post by Evanm7 on Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:50 am

x3 Stressed Scribe
x2 Turtle from the Sky
x3 Acid Squid
x3 Ruby Chameleon
x2 Hurricane Hawk
x1 Skeletal Bird
x3 Shell Statue

x3 Advanced Poly
x3 Time and Space Chamber
x3 Sunken Ship
x2 Sudden Evaporation

x1 Water Spout
x2 Wall of Water
x3 Attack Barrier
x1 Light Bond
x3 My Shield as a Body
x3 Mirror of Trapped Souls

x3 Guardian Tortoise

Have a Scribe faceup.

Fuse Squid/Chameleon with Turtle/Chameleon for Tortoise.
Chamber and do bring out another.

Now, as long as Scribe is out, none of your WATER monsters can be destroyed. By anything. Just keep poking with Turtle for game. If they try to set, use its effect to destroy their facedown and burn moar.


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A Stressed Toroise Empty Re: A Stressed Toroise

Post by Seattleite on Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:07 pm

Hypothetical Idea Time.

What if you further abused Stressed Scribe... with this:


You could run 3 of those or just use it with Psych Feeder, for more WATER support.

Would cause a further lockdown... in?

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