Lol, interdimensionals.

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Lol, interdimensionals. Empty Lol, interdimensionals.

Post by Evanm7 on Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:50 pm

2-0 against WereLord's Werelord.dek.
Duel Report

Duel 1-I go first
Activate 2x Stable Dome, searching Vortex with both.
Activate Vortex.
Normal Summon Skullblade, seach Treaty.
End phase, send a Skullblade with Vortex and it gets revived.

He sets Wolf Emissary of Darkness.

I attack into Wolf, take 50.
MPH2 Treaty away his Wolf by discarding Connector.
End Phase, send and revive a Skullblade.

He scoops.

Game 2

He goes first

He sets 2 backrow and 1 frontrow.

I go x2 Stable Dome, searching Vortex, then activate 1.
End phase, send and SS a Skullblade.

He scoops.


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