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Post by Evanm7 on Tue Jan 04, 2011 9:39 am

Table of Contents
(1) The Mindset
(2) The Cards
(3) The Mainstays
(4) The Tech
(5) The Side Deck
(6) The Strategies
(7) The Variants

(1) The Mindset

Most of the deck relies on removing from play cards to disrupt your opponent's strategy, control the field, swarm, and destroy cards. This leads to a whole deck of cards that can be quickly changed to suit any situation, mainly by the effects of Intedimensional Skullblade and Interdimensional Vortex.

A common question people think about this deck- any deck, in fact - is "How do you play this deck? What are its combos? How does it interact with the Meta?"
This guide is here to answer those questions.

One thing that will happen, I am sure, many people attempting to run this deck will concentrate on the monsters and the deck, excluding the Graveyard and RFP zone support from their decks. The reason they will do this is because most non-Interdimensional spell and trap support will support the Graveyard, which is directly counteractive to the decks goal.

Don't ever do this! Leaving out a quarter of your deck is a problem that hurts the fluidity of the deck. Skullblade is much less useful when he is a 1800 beater. Vortex is
severely hampered in uses when it serves simply to disrupt your opponent's Graveyard effects.

Instead, use the weaknesses of the deck to fill the gap in spell and trap support. The reliance on Interdimensional Vortex is a problem in this deck, and everybody knows it. Without the Vortex removing cards from play constantly, the deck type falls apart as its support becomes dead draws, Skullblade becomes a 1800 beatstick, and Paradoxmaster has to bring out cards such as Connector that were removed from the game with cards such as Interdimensional Blast.

Thus, we now know that we need a way to quickly retrieve Vortex, or have a replacement to use in its absence.
Or, as I have sometimes thought of, you could tech in Graveyard support cards and run only one or two Vortex. This is a DOUBLE GOOD THING- it allows you to benifiet from the plethora of Graveyard-support cards and fill up the portion of your deck that you lack- Spell and Traps. It also removes some of your reliance on Vortex.

Another bit of advice; as long as you have a Vortex out, don't be afraid to overcommit! You can quickly swarm back if your opponent Mind Storms your field of monsters, and with Interdimensional Cross clearing your opponents backrow, you are not likely to be caught by Peackock Plume or Twin Double Crossers.

This deck is played as two different decks in the two phases of the game- It plays as a Toolbox deck in the starting turns of the duel, and you play as a Triple Threat Deck at the end turns.

What is a "Triple Threat Deck", you ask? It's a deck that ruins all your opponent's combos by three main methods, which are:
-Use the effect of Plasma Captain to directly rid cards from your opponent's hand, and use Vortex to turn many of their cards into dead draws.
-Use the effect of Interdimensionals Cross, Typhoon Master, and Treaty to rid your opponents field of cards.
-Use Interdimensional Vortex to stop your opponent's Graveyard combos.

With these cards slowly depleting your opponent's resources, you will swiftly gather a win with the jabs of your Skullblades.

(2) The Cards

|Interdimensional Swordwielder|61|FLFS|Warrior/Effect|Wind|4||1700|1300|When this card is Normal Summoned, you can send the top 2 cards from your Deck to your Graveyard to remove from play the top card of your opponent's Deck.|

Ewwww. The first Interdimensional released is a bad one, only serving as a beatstick outclassed by Skullblade. Maybe if its effect was compatabile with Vortex, it could see use. As it is? Nope.
Run 0.
|Interdimensional Defenselord|62|FLFS|Warrior/Effect|Wind|3||200|1900|FLIP: Remove 1 card in your opponent's Graveyard from play.|

Simply not runnable in the CURRENT meta. If the metas gain more Graveyard reliance, this card serves as a wall and a D.D. Crow but better. Indeed, right now, you can side 1 and main one of these- almost all decks can't run over 1900 easily, and the loss of a Graveyard monster slows Mezzos and Synchro decks down.

Run 0 or 1 if you are not maining Plasma Captain, side 1 or 2 if you are not maining 1

|Interdimensional Plasma Captain|63|FLFS|Warrior/Effect|Wind|5||2100|1600|When this card is Tribute Summoned, send the top 2 cards of your Deck to the Graveyard to remove 1 card in your opponent's hand from play.|

Ehhh-mehhh-shehhhh-blehhh. This card is a simple beatstick. Its usual tribute is a Skullblade that will come back anyway, and Dimensionalsword allows it to run over almost all monsters played this meta. If it was compatible with Vortex.... Very Happy

Run 1 if you are not maining Defencelord and side 1 for destruction heavy decks.

|Interdimensional Skullblade|0|NASB|Spellcaster/Effect|Wind|4||1800|0|When this card is removed from play, during your End Phase, Special Summon it. When this card is Normal Summoned, add 1 "Interdimensional" spell card from your Deck to your hand.|

AMAZING. The card that makes Interdimensionals good. It's a 1800 D.D. Survivor, but with an archetype's worth of support behind it and a searching effect when Normal Summoned. A easy, one card combo, is to Normal Summon this card and search Vortex, then throw out another Skullblade in the End Phase. You now have two revival beaters that = endless fodder for Tributing and that block 1 attack per Skullblade per turn.

Run 1, as it is Limited.

|Interdimensional Vortex|0|NASB|Spell Card|Spell||Field|||All cards that would be sent to the Graveyard are removed from play. During your End Phase, remove from play 1 "Interdimensional" monster in your deck or destroy this card.|

Amazing, simply AMAZING. Let's list the way this card helps:
-Makes your opponent's Graveyard effects useless.
-Spawns Skullblade.
-Sends Paradoxmaster targets.
-Sets up Typhoon Combo


|Interdimensional Treaty|0|NASB|Spell Card|Spell|||||Remove from play 1 card on the field. Then, discard 1 card.|

Interdimensional Generic Removal. This card, on first look, may seem bad- because it's a -1 and does what a Typhoon master does at a cost- but there are plenty of ways to make this card into a 0. You can discard a Typhoon Master while Vortex is out to pop 2 of their monsters. You can discard Skullblade and have it come back in the End Phase. Need a new draw? Discard Dimensional Mantis.

Run any amount, depending on space and what you want.

|Interdimensional Typhoon Master|0|NASB|Warrior/Effect|Wind|4||0|0|When this card is removed from play, execpt from the deck, destroy 1 monster on the field.|

The card that helps the amazing field clearing ability of this card can be combined with Interdimensional Treaty, Proper Burial, and Interdimensional Paradoxmaster to continously use and reuse the easy destruction this card provides.

Run 2-3. 3 if you run the Dome+Burial build, 2 if you just run Dome and not Burial.

|Interdimensional Connector|0|NASB|Warrior/Tuner/Effect|Wind|3||1000|1400|When this card is Normal Summoned, remove from play up two 2 cards from both players Graveyard.|

A good card, but not good enough to run three of. His effect allows you to Typhoon Masters and Skullblades in your Graveyard, while you rid parts of your opponent's combo from their Graveyard. He can also be used to Synchro Summon, as he is a tuner.

Run 1-2, depending if you are running other Tuners and the amount of Vortex

|Interdimensional Soultaker|0|NASB|Trap Card|Trap||Counter|||Activate only when your opponent summons a monster and you control a "Interdimensional" monster. Remove from play the Summoned monster and 1 "Interdimensional" monster you control.|

It's the Solemn Warning of Interdimensionals. Don't like your opponent synchroing? Use this and stop it. Tributing for WereLord? Sorry, mate! Remove Typhoon Master to get more destruction or Skullblade for costless.

2-3, depending on your playstyle. If you like control, run 3. If you like quickly swarming and destroying, run 2 and side 1 for Synchro heavy decks.

|Interdimensional Dimensionalsword|0|NASB|Spell Card|Spell||Equip|||Equip only to a "Interdimensional" monster. The equipped monster gains 500 ATK. When the equipped monster destroys a monster by battle, remove it from play. You can remove from play this card on the field to add 1 removed from play card to your hand, except "Interdimensional Dimensionalsword".|

A powerful, versatile card. With an extra 500 attack, Skullblade can run over ALL non-Synchro non-Tribute commonly played monsters. The second effect of this card can easily spell G-A-M-E. Grab a Treaty, remove their monster and destroy another, attack for game.

Run 1-2. Really, I run 1 for personal preference. Very debatable.

|Interdimensional Blast|0|NASB|Spell Card|Spell||Quick-Play|||Draw 1 card. Then, remove from play 1 card in your hand.|

Another -1 spell that easily and simply can be turned into a =0. The same combos that Treaty uses can be utilised with this card. Essential in every build, gives it the speed to stand up with the Meta.

Run 3.

|Interdimensional Paradoxmaster|0|NASB|Warrior/Effect|Wind|3||500|1500|FLIP: Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower "Interdimensional" monster from your removed from play zone.|

Paradoxmaster, oh Paradoxmaster, how useful you will be.
I am talking about, of course, the fact that set this>Vortex>Flip next turn=Interdimensional Soaringsword, by using this card's FLIP effect to Special Summon Connector.
As of now, the Master of Paradoxes is still extremely useful. You can easily Special Summon Connector and Synch for Mezzo Beat. With the powerful Graveyard control of this deck, you will most likely be able to choose what effect of Beat to activate.

|Interdimensional Cross|0|NASB|Trap Card|Trap|||||Activate only when you control three or more "Interdimensional" monsters. Destroy up to 3 Spell or Trap cards on the field.|

The second-most main card in the Triple Threat Second Threat thereom. The only Interdimensional card that can be a regular +2, besides Connector>Remove 2 Typhoon>+2.
The limatitation on this card hardly is one; you'll have practically two Summons a turn with Interdimensional Vortex out. So running 3 is advisible, but one of the first cards you can look to side out.

Run 2-1 because Skullblade is limited.

|Interdimensional Last Resort|0|NASB|Spell Card|Spell|||||Discard 5 cards and Special Summon 1 "Interdimensional" monster from your Deck, Graveyard, Hand, or removed from play zone.|

Run only in Soaringsword Turbo. It's completely useless, unless you get a god hand and can remove from play double Typhoon Triple Skullblade.
...yeah, it's useless.

Run 0.

The Support-Choices outside Home Planet

|Proper Burial|2|NASB|Trap Card|Trap|||||Select any number of monster cards that are removed from play, and return them to their owners' Graveyards. You take 100 damage for each one.|

This may seem counterproductive to the Interdimensional goal of RFP'ing cards, but actually further its main goal: Simplify the field while gaining advantage. Use this card to return Typhoon Masters and Dimensional Mantis to destroy and draw, respectivly. The burn isn't that much of a cost.

|Essence Dark Griphin|491|NWOR|Winged Beast/Effect|Dark|2||800|0|You can discard this card from your hand to negate the effect of a Trap Card that your opponent activates during your Battle Phase and negate it.|

This new card from NWOR helps the Interdimensionals with one of our main threats; trap cards during the Battle Phase like Peacock Plume and Attack Barrier. Those cards stop our game attempts. It also gives an emergency defender and allows for an awesome Essence hybrid.

Eccentric Electron-Level 1 Tuner-LIGHT-Discard this card to negate 1 effect of a monster you opponent controls.

This card blocks most meta decks like Essence and Reapers so you can quickly recover from your opponent threats.

Run 1

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Welcome to Space-Interdimensional Guide and Discussion Empty Re: Welcome to Space-Interdimensional Guide and Discussion

Post by Seattleite on Tue Jan 04, 2011 11:32 am

The Monster setup is spot on Very Happy .

Also like the fact that you included future cards into the guide. Hoping that Peacock Plume (my card) will get as much play as the hype.

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Welcome to Space-Interdimensional Guide and Discussion Empty Re: Welcome to Space-Interdimensional Guide and Discussion

Post by Evanm7 on Tue Jan 04, 2011 1:47 pm

updated with some more cards and added the Triple Threat theory to the end of mindset.


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Welcome to Space-Interdimensional Guide and Discussion Empty Re: Welcome to Space-Interdimensional Guide and Discussion

Post by Evanm7 on Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:13 pm

Finished Interdimensional card section. Now it's time to move on to the support!


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Welcome to Space-Interdimensional Guide and Discussion Empty Re: Welcome to Space-Interdimensional Guide and Discussion

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