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Tidals [because i iz bored] Empty Tidals [because i iz bored]

Post by Insert Name Here on Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:19 pm

x2 Tidal Conch
x2 Tidal Manta
x2 Tidal Mussel
x3 Tidal Seagull
x3 Tidal Sharkguard
x2 Tidal Turtle
x2 Tidal Whale
x3 Ancient Dweller of the Depths
x3 Shell Statue

x3 High Tide
x3 Low Tide
x2 Splitting Cut
x2 Scrap Liquidation
x2 Scrap Destruction

x2 Flash Grenade
x2 Transcending Curse of Armor Leprosy
x2 Transcending Curse of Forced Slumber

x3 Tidal Stingray
x3 Starshot Cannon
x2 Rumbler Tumbler
x1 Shameful Artist
x3 Rainbow Tail
x1 Mezzo Beat
x2 Monster of Maelstrom
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here

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Tidals [because i iz bored] Empty Re: Tidals [because i iz bored]

Post by Ash on Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:18 pm

-2 Mussel (It's really bad without a Tide, and not very useful even with a Tide in play.)
+2 Sudden Evaporation (Toolbox your Seagull, Conch and Turtle for Xyz/Synch plays.)

-3 Shell Statue (It's just a bit too slow and Sudden Evaporation is better for searching out what you need.)
+1 Whale (It's Tidals' real boss monster.)
+1 Manta (Field presence yay.)
+1 Turtle (Self-reviving monster can make pro plays.)

-1 Seagull (It's either this or Manta @3. I chose this to be @2 because Manta can beat over a few more things.)
-1 Ancient Dweller (It works nice, but having it dead in hand is not nice.)
+1 Depraved Extortion (Tidals lack outs to big monsters.)
+1 Gift from Diabolus (^)

Bear with me on these ones, I know it'll sound crazy, but it helps save you from dead hands:

-1 High Tide (Both Tides can now be searched, meaning you don't have to run both @3 and risk dead-drawing them.)
-1 Low Tide
+2 Hostile Negotiation (Really good card is good.)

-2 Scrap Liquidation (Ewww)
+2 Refueling (Put dead Whales and Dwellers back where they can be drawn, and hence, useful.)

-2 Flash Grenade (Why stall when you can stop the threat before it materializes?)
+2 Scrap Confusion (^Yeah that.)


-1 Stingray (Not necessary @3, having extra options is preferred.)
-1 Starshot (^)
+2 Axe-Arm Mantis (Your go-to Xyz. Not to mention eating a Seagull or something with a Tide out can be pro.)

-1 Shameful Artist (It is not possible to Synch for Level 5 in this Deck at all.)
-2 Rumbler Tumbler (^.)
+1 Bonecrusher Beetle (It's nice to have that option Razz)
+1 Gunmetal Gatling (If you can make a Rank 4, you include this in your Extra.)
+1 RT-76 Gadgetron (Having an out to your opponent's boss monsters is very important.)

-3 Rainbow Tail (All monsters are Water. He just doesn't work here.)
+2 ID Vortexlord/Fiend Magician (One gives you protection from cards like Treaty, other is another Beatstick.)
+1 Vortexlord/Magician (If you run Vortexlord @2, Magician goes @1 and vice-versa.)

-1 Maelstrom (Tis Limited.)
+1 Meteor Force Dragon (It's not bad. And if you have need for a Lv 9 after you spent your Maelstrom, you'll be glad he's there.)


rumbler tumbler is the best card
>whenever i read a card made by emsoup
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