WW3's new DARK / RFG support

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WW3's new DARK / RFG support Empty WW3's new DARK / RFG support

Post by Seattleite on Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:17 pm

3|Ww3|Guardian of Dimensions
3|Nwor|Black Nightshade
3|Flfs|Dark Chaser
3|Ww3|D.D. Rallier
2|Enil|Dark Night Warrior
2|Flfs|Greed Jar
2|Dirb|Dharc, Dark Corrupt
2|Acrd|Tactical Sniper
3|Nasb|Dimension Mantis
1|Anv1|Red Moon Rabisu

3|Flfs|Stabilization Dome
3|Enil|Dimension of Despair

3|Clpc|Lightning Lab Accident
2|Enil|Vengeful Souls
3|Ww3|Pains of the Penant
2|Nasb|Proper Burial

3|Res1|Soul Seller
3|Clpc|Sludge Demon


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