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Zombies FTW Empty Zombies FTW

Post by Insert Name Here on Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:50 am

Monsters (21):
x3 Bone Spiner
x3 Churel Wrightship
x2 Hellcresent Strix
x2 Lychwyrm
x3 Moroi
x3 Necromaniac
x1 Red Moon Rabisu
x2 Solanium Hivemaggot
x2 Void Dweller

Spells (12):
x2 Corpse Shield
x3 Destruction Rampage
x3 Interdimensional Treaty
x2 Reverse Destruction
x2 Swift Storm

Traps (7):
x3 Cursed Moonlight
x1 Flash Grenade
x3 Transcending Curse of Forced Slumber

Extra (15):
x3 Mezzo Beat
x3 Pandemic Seed
x2 Rainbow Tail
x1 Rumbler Tumbler
x3 Shameful Artist
x3 Starshot Cannon
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