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Post by Seattleite on Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:16 pm

Ok, since last set, it's time I just post some things that will make the .set go through a LOT more smoothly:

If at all possible, use a Code Creator to avoid most of these problems. It's found in the DA, but you can also get it from reading the General LCCG FAQ. Too lazy to post the link, but it's in This forum.

* Spirit monsters need "/Effect". Same with Gemini's, Unions, and Tuners(if they're effect monsters).

* All Cards NEED the last "|" on the end of the card. This is for the ID creator primarily.

* Please, if you don't know the Set name, either ask or just put "XXXX" or something. Leaving it blank makes it harder to do Find + Replace in Microsoft Word and slows us down.

* If you are coding a Normal Spell or Trap card, leave the S/T Icon field blank. It's not "Normal" and it's not "None" either. Just blank.

* Ways Stuff is spelled:

Sea Serpent
Winged Beast


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