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Zeroes Deck Empty Zeroes Deck

Post by Mr. Volcano on Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:19 am

Yeah, Snowy built me this deck and i want to know if it can be made stronger.


3x Zero Monk
3x Zero Necromancer
2x Zero Sprite
2x Zero Chimera
3x Cursed Flame Magician
2x Venom Spirit
2x Rude Awakening Dragon
2x Gelobacteria


3x Zero Rising
3x Zero Energy
1x Scrap Destruction
2x Swift Storm
1x The Never Ending Fight
2x Mind Reflection
1x Refuelling


2x Blizzard
1x Proper Burial
3x RAM Cannon
1x Rocket Counter
1x Twin Double Crossers


3x Zero Pegasus Flock
1x Volcana The Dark Flame
1x Starshot Cannon
2x Rumbler Tumbler
2x Mezzo Beat
1x Fiend Magician
2x Dragon Of Life - Dawn
1x Dark Doom Dragon
1x Chaos Changer
1x Dark Swordlord

That's pretty much it. Any help would be appreciated.
Mr. Volcano
Mr. Volcano

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Zeroes Deck Empty Re: Zeroes Deck

Post by Ash on Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:41 am

Damn, this was a while ago.

Drop the Gelo's, no longer that useful.

Drop a Pegasus in Extra, it's semi'd atm.

-2x Gelobacteria
-2x each Chimera/Sprite

-1x The Never Ending Fight
-2x Mind Reflection

-1x Twin Double Crossers

+2x Eccentric Electron
+2x Nox Exploiter

+2x Interdimensional Treaty

+2x Mirror Shot

I'd prob drop a Mezzo Beat as well as that Pegasus for 2 Monster of the Maelstrom in Extra

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