Escrocs - A Brief Summary and Guide from The Horse's Mouth

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Escrocs - A Brief Summary and Guide from The Horse's Mouth Empty Escrocs - A Brief Summary and Guide from The Horse's Mouth

Post by Alfred on Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:18 am

Escrocs were my first archetype to ever be released in this CCG. I wanted to be remembered, so I put in a sneaky FTK and ending up getting hit by the ban list. But hey, Escroc OTK (formerly FTK) are still a Tier 1 deck and almost always will be due to their blistering speed and dynamic Synchro power. Thanks to the stall and back-up options in Darkstrike Assault, Escrocs have several new toys that make them even more deadly than before.

Simple Escroc Template Deck:

3x Escroc le Diamant
1x Escroc le Peintre
3x Escroc le Annuleur
3x Escroc le Propulseur
3x Escroc le Fleur
3x Escroc le Remplacement
3x Escroc le Gantelet
3x Escroc Module de Finition

3x Supreme Decision
3x Refueling

3x Silence, Enfant Stupide!

3x L'Empereur
3x Magnifique

You WILL need to run every single card listed above for Escrocs to work efficiently. I would recommend teching in Eccentric Electron and fitting Spells & Traps of your choice.

The basic strategy:

On the first turn, set Traps and stuff. Run something that can clear the field effectively to make the OTK run smoothly, like Fission Blast (costless in your opponent's turn, an added bonus). Stall using Annuleur and stuff like Attack Barrier until you draw Escroc le Remplacement. Once you have drawn Remplacement, you can start to play the OTK.

Immediately summon a Diamant (easy, it can be summoned from anywhere) using it's effect, add Peintre from your Deck to your hand (if you were unlucky enough to draw it you can use another Remplacement or get it back to your Deck with Refueling). Peintre summons itself. Proceed to Synchro for Magnifique or L'Empereur. Stall out until next turn. Summon another Diamant and synch with Remplacement. Get out another Escroc Synchro (note: If you have Refueling you can get back Peintre to use again). Stall until next turn. Summon the final Diamant and use another Remplacement or use Refueling to return Peintre to your Deck and use that. Attack for game.

Although this sounds cumbersome, thanks to Annuleur, Attack Barrier and Silence, Enfant Stupide Escrocs are more than capable of stalling. Although not as potent as they were prior to the Limiting of Peintre, they are still Tier 1-worthy.

If you are extremely lucky, you may end drawing 2 Refueling near the beginning (thanks to Supreme Declaration this is actually not too bad, about 20% chance or so) and you can recycle Peintre back to the Deck twice for a really, REALLY fast OTK.

Feel free to comment, post your opinions etc.


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