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Post by Anime Girl References on Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:39 am


x2 Lovely Fuschias
x2 Composted Zombie
x3 Solanum Hivemaggot
x3 Moroi
x3 Red Moon Rabisu
x3 Lichwyrm, Harbinger of Blight
x1 Mutated Corpse
x1 Wight Whispermaid
x2 Maiden of the Nightshade

x3 Interdimensional Treaty
x1 Phantom's Decision
x1 Scrap Destruction
x1 Ouranos Deal
x3 Destruction Rampage
x1 Ancient Ritual
x2 Forbode the Ritual

x2 Mirror Shot
x2 Hinderance
x1 Isis' Last Wish
x3 Cursed Moonlight

Use Ancient Ritual (remove Rabisu) to summon Lovely Fuschias or use Ourano's Ordeal. Send it to the Grave as a tribute for Lichwyrm or Maiden. Draw 2 cards. Use Lichwyrm or a Solanum Hivemaggot to send Composted Zombie to the Grave from the deck, and then return Composted Zombie to the deck with it's own effect to Special Summon Fuschias for the next turn.
Anime Girl References
Anime Girl References

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FuschiaZombies Empty Re: FuschiaZombies

Post by Seattleite on Tue Jun 14, 2011 9:34 am

Sorry, Ancient Ritual wouldn't work with Rabisu to summon Fuschias. They have to be the same attribute + level.

Which reminds me to make more ritual spell cards next set.....

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