How to evade the Unstoppable Force: Guide to Circumvention

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How to evade the Unstoppable Force: Guide to Circumvention Empty How to evade the Unstoppable Force: Guide to Circumvention

Post by Anime Girl References on Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:47 am

Once upon a time, somebody made a card that was nigh unkillable.

|Nephile the Primordial Phlegephim|0|xxxx|Fairy/Effect|FIRE|4||1900|1800|The Summon of this card cannot be negated. This card is unaffected by card effects. This card cannot be removed from the field by the opponent.|

There was a challenge to see who could defeat a deck like this. While everyone set up their C.E.D clones and burn decks, I made a couple cards to aid in trying to defeat the card itself and not work around it. I eventually succeeded.

"Activate this card when there is a card face-up on the field that has the word "unaffected" in it's effect text. Replace "unaffected" with "affected" for the remainder of the duel. All other copies of the affected card in the Deck and Hand are changed as well."

Replacing effects does not count as negation, targeting or affecting in this manner, since it's replacing an effect.

"For the remainder of the duel, all cards your opponent controls with the word "cannot" in it's effect text are replaced with "can".

This also runs up the insanity meter if your opponent has Nomi monsters and the like, or have restraining maintenance effects that would prevent their cards from infinitely looping, so use at your own volition.

And then there is the ever-simple effect:

"Destroy 1 monster on the field, regardless of it's effects."

What happens when a card that cannot be removed from the field meets a card that ignores that card's effect?

Thanks to priority, your effect will take priority over the opponent's if it's your turn. Otherwise if it's a Trap and being activated on their turn, they will take priority over your effect.

Careful about said effects though, because most monsters being run in this CCG do not have extremely heavy effect armor so cards like the above will be major overkill for decks with little to no effect armor at all, although it's not your fault if said cards don't have effect armor and merely a design flaw.

If there ever comes a powerful card like that though, and you don't know how to get rid of it, then you can use these effects.
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