Azteca is a great restaurant

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Azteca is a great restaurant Empty Azteca is a great restaurant

Post by Seattleite on Sat Nov 30, 2013 9:04 am

Monsters: 21
3 Steam Jinn
3 Aquatic Apprentice
3 Coral Reef Golem
3 Lava Jelly
2 Aquamarine Mirror Slime
2 Aquatic Magician
2 Wolf Synchron
1 Ice Portrait
1 Aquamarine Salamander

Spells: 12
3 Water Vapor
3 Wretched Abyss
3 Miniature Vortex
2 Chains of Oblivion
2 Hoplon Shield

Traps: 7
3 Drag to Despair
2 Hostile Negotiation
2 It's Raining Spells

2 North Wind Atl
3 South Wind Tletl
3 Seabound Dragon
2 Oil Elemental
1 Dragon of Life - Dawn
1 Neoflame Knight
1 Speartongue Serpent
1 Interdimensional Vortexlord
1 Astral Falcon


Steam Jinn (Lv2, Aqua, FIRE) - The glue for Aquatic Apprentice / Aquatic Magician. Makes Atl or Tletl with either.
Coral Reef Golem (Lv2, Rock, WATER) - Recycle banished WATER monsters to make a Synchro or something.
Lava Jelly (Lv2, Aqua, FIRE) - Dumps Steam Jinn or other copies from the deck, also stall until you can synch.
Aquamarine Mirror Slime (Lv4, Aqua, WATER) - Searches out other copies of almost anything. Great for making rank 2s too.
Wolf Synchron (Lv5, Beast-Warrior, EARTH) - Makes a fast Level 7 in a pinch.
Ice Portrait ( Lv8, Aqua, WATER) - Mostly there to trigger Water Vapor.
Aquamarine Salamander (Lv3, Aqua, WATER) - This deck recycles this card like you wouldn't believe.

Water Vapor - Almost everything here is Aqua and will be synched, so this is wonderful.
Wretched Abyss - The banish can be helpful, or it can be a negligent cost.
Chains of Oblivion - For those extra cards that can't be destroyed, etc. Also search by Its Raining Spells.

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Azteca is a great restaurant Oprahs-Bees

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