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Naturalist Mash, Slightly Experimental Empty Naturalist Mash, Slightly Experimental

Post by Seattleite on Thu Sep 26, 2013 11:16 am

Monsters: 26
3 Naturalist
3 Shotgun Sam
3 Snap-dragon-fly
3 Jayjujayme
3 Zero Monk
3 Hellcrescent Strix
2 Guardian of the Lifethread
2 Deathrock Dragon
2 Vapor, The Raven
1 Dungeoneer
1 Megalosquito

Spells: 11
3 Pain Cycle
3 Revenge of the Ambushed
3 Vowing the Will
2 Roar of Nature

Traps: 3
3 Surprise Icarus Summoning

1 Practice Dummy
3 Stondebinding Psion
3 Compact Earth Tortoise
1 Zero Pegasus Flock
1 Rumbler Tumbler
1 Bonecrusher Beetle
1 Shameful Artist
1 Dark Swordlord
1 Magician of Knowledge
1 North Wind Atl
1 Gaiabreaker Archfiend


Things that can summon naturalist:
* Lava-Winged Icarus can summon it from the Deck, and Lava-Winged Icarus can be summoned by Surprise Icarus Summon.
* Zero Monk can summon it from the graveyard real quick like.
* Guardian of the Lifethread, from the Graveyard
* Revenge of the Ambushed can summon it (or some other stuff) from the Grave quickly after it hits the field.
* Roar of Nature can summon it from the deck.

Things Naturalist can use:
* Jayjujayme gives it a lovely variety of effects and immunity to a lot of crap.
* Deathrock Dragon lets you Solemn stuff for a monster tribute.
* Shotgun Sam lets you attack twice and immunity to spells/traps.
* Dungeoneer negates any spell/trap for banishing 2 earths.
* Stonebinding Psion (Synchro) makes it pretty much the victor in any battle

Things that mill:
* Snap-Dragon-Fly mills stuff over and over again. If you mill Jayjujayme or Megalosquito, you can summon it for a quick synch.
* Pain Cycle is recyclable mill, for when you can't do it with a blindfold like Dragonfly.

Things that do other stuff:
* Hellcrescent Strix - Covers monster effect weaknesses, searchable by Vowing the Will, also fuel for Deathrock Dragon.
* Vapor the Raven - Summonable by Surprise Icarus Summon, draws stuff, fuel for Deathrock Dragon
* Megalosquito - Zero Monk target, fuel for Deathrock Dragon

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