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Post by Anime Girl References on Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:42 pm

2 Apophis, Elder of Annihilation
3 Ceremonial Everseer
1 Electro Lynx
2 Hellcrescent Strix
2 Infernalinde Al Basti
3 Lunarpact Conjuror
2 Naka, Elder of Annihilation
2 Nox Deceiver
1 Savior Soldier
2 Walker of the Leyline

3 Communion of the Primordials
3 Departure to Ruin
1 Depraved Extortion
2 Sanguined Slasher
2 Wretched Abyss

1 Acid Spark
2 Astral Purge
1 Coils of Cocytus
1 Effect Disorientation
1 Hostile Negotiation
1 Mirror Shot
2 Suppression

3 RT-67 Gadgetron
2 Toy Airplane Gunning You From Up Above
3 Magician of the Reversed Heart
2 Vulcan Archdragon
1 Deepsea Atlanthal Guide
1 Recurring Death Angel
2 Empty Mask of the Silent Heart, Tabula Rasa
1 Blizzard Sylph

2 Betrayal
1 Mirror Shot
1 Mirror Wall
Using Apophis and Naka.
No idea what I'm doing. Woooo first attempt at making a deck and trying to duel this year. A first or 2nd turn Apophis will kill any deck with a higher spell ratio in their deck.

I was thinking of adding Sapping Mist or Witch's Void with this, but don't know where to put them in at.

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Elder of Annihilation Beta Empty Re: Elder of Annihilation Beta

Post by Seattleite on Thu Sep 26, 2013 11:29 am

Here is what I would do:

* You can only really use Apophis' effect once, so it makes sense to run only 1. Use tutors to fill it in, like Wildfire Viper. Or max out Naka.

* Nox Deceiver doesn't seem to serve a purpose? Other than just flipping a card facedown. You could trade those for Nox Exploiter.

* Add 2 Spell Search to tutor Ceremonial Everseer and Lunarpact. Neg Walker of the Leyline, maybe? You've got lots of Spell/Trap coverage. Also since you can tutor them that way, you can neg Electro Lynx. I suggest Book of Equilibrium, may be very useful in this deck.

* From what I've heard Suppression is more of a sidedeck card. Maybe try Spiteful Gain, it is new, but a lot of decks seem to be searching/drawing these days.

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