My First lolcals in 7 Years

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My First lolcals in 7 Years Empty My First lolcals in 7 Years

Post by Leo on Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:22 pm

Might as well give you a report. Played agents. Prior to the tournament, I managed to trade a lot of my Blackwing stuff #believethehype and got my brother his solar recharges and got my Kristya before the tournament.


Monsters -24-:
1| BLS
3| "hype"rion
3| earth
3| venus
3| shine balls
2| tour guide
2| doom cal
2| maxx "c"
1| Kristya
1| gorz
1| reaper
1| birdman
1| honest

Spells -8-:

3| duality
3| mst
1| book of moon
1| dark hole

Traps -9-:

2| dprison
2| dust tornado
1| bottomless
1| warning
1| compulsory
1| call of the haunted
1| torrential


15 cards that helped me.


2| Banisher
1| DD warrior femme
1| gale
1| dd crow
1| super poly
1| dfissure
2| smashing ground
1| system down
2| gozen match
2| ddv
1| imperial iron wall

R1 v Fire Fist

G1: I rip the Dark Hole and Master Hyperion. He doesn't have any outs.
G2: I draw 3 Shine ball.
G3: Game gets into super grind mode, but he has an out to bls and proceeds to drop Bear for the gg.


R2 v Blackwings

G1: He opens double kalut and Shura. I can't really do anything.
G2: I drop BLS + Kristya on him, but he drops Shura + Kalut to kill Kristya. BLS dies to dark hole next turn. He vayu's into armor master and I proceed to lose.


R3 v Harpies

G1: He goes #yolo through my Maxx "C". Unfortunately for him, his #yolo gave me BLS and Kristya.
G2: He opens jank and I proceed to Tour Guide -> Angineer. Drop Earth and win.


R4 v Bujin

G1: I can't get Yamato off the field and he proceeds to beat me down
At this point I am killing myself for taking TKRO out for D-Fissure in my side.
G2: Super grind mode begins, but I slowly lose control and he wins.


So finished 1-3, kind of shitty but that is to be expected from my deck and it being my first tournament since '06. Got some awesome trades though and it was a fun event overall.

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