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Post by Leo on Thu Aug 29, 2013 1:33 am

x3 Ultimate Tornado of the Far East
x3 Tornadius
x3 Paper Crane
x2 Mystical Mage of the Mountain
x2 Interdimensional Skullblade
x1 Savior Soldier
x1 Skeletal Bird
x1 Hurricane Hawk
x1 Turbulent Zephyr Magus
x1 Flash Serpent

x3 Interdimensional Treaty
x3 Splitting Cut
x2 Scrap Destruction
x2 Lifeforce Shield
x2 Enchanting Circle

x3 Hostile Negotiation
x3 Effect Disorientation
x1 Transcending Curse of Armory Leprosy
x1 Transcending Curse of Forced Slumber
x1 Transcending Curse of the Rotting Eyes
x1 Soul Spark Attack

This deck really lacks a good normal summon monster. Someone should release one in AVRN.

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[Sept. 2013] ash.dek Empty Re: [Sept. 2013] ash.dek

Post by Seattleite on Thu Aug 29, 2013 6:05 am

I really think these cards/combos would be good but I don't know what to neg.

* Dragon's Call to ROTA your Ultimate Tornado
* Galeburst Puffish/Air Force Gale Jet (a good Normal Summon Smile ) and Frequent Flyer - summon this and tornadius, bounce 2 cards, 3 if Frequent Flyer is able to activate on opponent's turn. Also you can reuse Skullblade.

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