Greymarch Smiling (Deck Challenge)

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Greymarch Smiling (Deck Challenge) Empty Greymarch Smiling (Deck Challenge)

Post by DIGITAL on Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:04 am

Monsters: 25
3|Dsa|Darkly Smiling
3|Dead|Greymarch Knight
1|Rope|Mara Temptress
3|Flfs|Stygian Strategist
2|Enil|Electro Lynx
3|Nwor|Madoga, Pollute of Despair
3|Rope|Aviel, the Lightning Sorceress
1|Dead|Greymarch Priest
2|Dead|Greymarch Shaman
1|Dead|Greymarch Gatekeeper

Spells: 12
3|Dead|Fields of Grey
2|Dead|Grasp of the Greymarch
2|Dead|Obelisk of Order
2|Nasb|War Experience

Trap: 3
3|Dead|Overwhelming Order

Extra: 15
2|Dirb|Dark Swordlord
2|Dirb|Starshot Cannon
2|Qrev|Maiden of the Forgotten Mansion
2|Ww3|RT-67 Gadgetron
2|Rope|Deepsea Atlanthal Guide
3|Qrev|Recurring Death Angel
2|Dirb|Fiend Solider

Uses Greymarch Recycling to Normal Summon Aviel and Madoga without Tributes, and SS Darkly Smiling from graveyard.

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Greymarch Smiling (Deck Challenge) Empty Re: Greymarch Smiling (Deck Challenge)

Post by EMSOUP on Wed Jun 05, 2013 1:42 pm

1st thing to do: either add the greymarch monster count, or cut the greymarch support. leaning towards the first.
2nd: Ampule is forbidden
3rd: aviel and war experience is not for this deck.
4th: cut raionna for mara.
5th: consider the Spirit tribute monsters, like yama or thanatos.

that's all for now.

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