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Post by Ash on Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:50 am

2x Rescue Rabbit
2x Thunder King Rai-Oh
3x Castor
3x Heliotrope
3x Mandragora
3x Thunderbird

3x MST
3x Infestation Pandemic
1x Book of Moon
1x Allure
1x Reborn
1x Storm
1x Hole

2x TT
2x BTH
2x Fiendish Chain
2x Mirror Force
1x D-Prison
1x Infestation Infection
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Solemn Warning


2x Ophion
2x Bahamut
1x Thanatos
1x Nightmare
1x Gagaga Cowboy
1x Abyss Dweller
1x Diamond Dire Wolf
1x Shock Master
1x Papilloperative
1x Maestroke
1x Utopia
1x GK Pearl
1x Steelswarm Roach (obviously made redundant by Ophion)


1x Snowman Eater
1x Effect Veiler
2x Maxx "C"
2x Azzathoth
2x Soul Taker
2x Forbidden Lance
3x D-Fissure
1x D.D. Virus
1x E.E. Virus


R1 - Hieratic

G1 I set up Ophion. He attempts to SS one of his guys that aren't Tefnuit and obviously doesn't realize what Ophion does. He can't deal with it and I win swiftly.
G2 He goes off while I have minimal protection and only a floating Thunderbird. Loss
G3 This time floating Thunderbird just beats his face in while my Traps mop up his monsters. Easy win.

R2 - Gagaga

G1 After beating through his Tomato's and a Magician he has Heavy, Instant Fusion, Revenge to make Volca and smash an Ophion. Rough.
G2 Veiler kills his momentum after he Revenge'd a Girl and Summoned Magician. Mandrago/Castor mop up his monster and Nightmare keeps his stuff f/d while Thunderbird wins grind games.
G3 I don't remember much but know he had an ending field of Ophion, Big Eye, Tiras, Volca. fuck

R3 - Morphtronic

G1 I have Fiendish Chains to stop both Celfons. Also Ophion beats his face in after he attempts to Dark Hole after I searched Pandemic.
G2 I have no monsters and safe set 2, he has Heavy and then just OTK's me on his 2nd turn.
G3 He storms again, and attempts to OTK but only manages to deal 7400. I top a Rabbit from a monsterless hand and Ophion gets through his field. He then keeps summoning the direct attack guy which I keep at bay until I reach my Thunderbird to wrap up the match.

R4 - Blackwings

G1 He started and played D-Fissure and on my draw flipped Cosmos. So I'm like, ok Ophion doesn't give a fuck. Beat his shit in and then later Bahamut steals a Shura after he searched a Kalut from Whirlwind. Savage
G2 He has no monsters and Thunderbird laughs at his backrow while staying bigger than his Shura/Boras. Prison and the Mirror Forces slow down his attempts to resolve a Kalut/Lance. Easy win.

R5 - Mermails

G1 He opened pretty mild and just set 2 backrow. I have a Pandemic in hand to protect the Heliotropes (from Rabbit) against his TT. Ophion follows and he scoops his next turn.
G2 He sets a monster, I activate DFissure and swing over obvious Linde with Tbird. He only has Controllers afterwards (lol) and scoops again. verz is pretty stronk.

So I Top 4 with a 4-1 record.

R6 - Hero (Bubblebeat)

G1 He activates Duality and takes BTH. Then sets 5. So I'm like ok, Thunderbird will just play into his backrow and force misplays. So I obv summon the Bird and he activates BTH. So I say, "Thunderbird dodges" and then he's like what, no I banished it with Bottomless. THEN HE CALLS OVER THE JUDGE WHO TELLS ME THAT MY BIRD GETS BANISHED PERMANENTLY SINCE I DIDN'T SAY "I ACTIVATE THE EFFECT OF EVILSWARM THUNDERBIRD". fuck you, not my fault my opponent is too lazy to read my card and then fucking rulesharks me because of his ignorance. But, upstanding citizen that I am, I accept the decision and smash the fuck out of the Hero guy anyway. JUSTICE
G2 More Heavy Storms to ruin my day. Follows with Stratos Bubbleman Bubbleman Bubbleman Excalibur WarriorReturningAlive Shock Master to kill the inhand Dark Hole and leave me at 400 with Dark Hole Mirror Force. I draw Infection and scoop it up.
G3 Ophion controls the game for a while, but I misplay and want to attack with Ophion for game so attack a set Honest with unboosted TBird. After detaching my last material to try and protect my game shot, he then tops Miracle Fusion to make AbZero. I book it, then next turn Heavy Dark Hole and poke the last damage with Mandrago. JUSTICE

R7 (Final) Mermail

G1 He goes first and makes a Gaios that I can't clear off the board. After finally getting rid of it with a Mirror Force, he makes another one. Painful loss.
G2 He has a Decree and I see no monsters. I lose.

Obviously the decklist is terrible, Infection TKRO and Allure will leave the deck ASAP. Aside from that, the deck treat me well and the other Evilswarm player there finished 2-3. Got store credit for placing 2nd, bought 2 packs of HA07 with it and pulled garbage.

Got almost all the stuff I needed for Constellars too, just missing 1 M7 and Paladynamo.

I think someone stole one of my Fire Fist Bears. Very pissed off at this.

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