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Post by Aquamarius on Sun May 01, 2011 7:51 am

3x Flash Serpent
3x Ultimate Flash
3x Thunder Striker
3x Nimble Hamster
2x Mystical Mage of the Mountain
2x Interdimensional Typhoonmaster
2x Flash Phoenix
2x Flash Sprite
2x Bypass Mobile Search Engine
2x Interdimensional Treaty
2x Flash Skeleton
2x Heroes Barging In
2x Eccentric Electron
1x Interdimensional Skullblade
1x Flash Cub
1x Electric Current
1x Enchanting Circle
1x Twin Double Crossers
1x Black Hole Sun
1x Splitting Cut
1x Scrap Destruction

The idea here is to set up powerful plays with Mystical Mage through Flashes. Flash Phoenix is the gamewinner here, really. By simply sending a Mystical Mage, a Skullblade and a Typhoon Master with it's effect I get a piece of free destruction, as well as an infinite amount of free SSing. Often, though, I can pull off a Mystical Mage play even without Flash Phoenix.

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