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Grandmaster Majin Dai deck Empty Grandmaster Majin Dai deck

Post by Tungsten Butterfly on Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:48 pm

x1 Grandmaster Majin-Dai

Spell Cards
x3 Witch's Void
x3 Instant Clipeus
x3 Depraved Extortion

Trap Cards
x1 Halt
x3 Vicious Accelerator
x3 The Discord Matron
x3 Story Telling Old Man
x3 Dark Sea Chain
x3 Transient Slayer
x3 Transient Distortion
x3 Elegant Visage
x3 Transcending Curse of Bonelock
x3 Transcending Curse of Armor Leprosy
x3 Transcending Curse of Face Twisting

Use Vicious Accelerators to burn through the top cards of your deck during the Draw Phase. If you hit Grandmaster Majin Dai, it will be sent to the Graveyard, but can still be summoned during the Standby Phase. Use Discord Matron, Story Telling Old Man and Instant Clipeus to guard your life points until you can get Grandmaster out. Activate Witch's Void to gain life points when Spell and Trap Cards are banished. Send unwanted cards from the deck with Elegant Visage. When combined with Witch's Void, you gain 300 Life Points plus an additional 800 Life Points per card banished, which can thin your deck fast enough to get to Majin Dai faster. With extra life points you can survive quite a few hits while you have no monsters. When you get Majin Dai out, use Transient Distortion and Transient Slayer to recycle Elegant Visages and lost Witch's Voids to keep your Life Points up and continue hitting hard with Majin Dai.
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