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Gelonox Synchro Empty Gelonox Synchro

Post by Alfred on Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:45 am

3|Nox Deceiver
3|Nox Schemer
3|Nox Exploiter
3|Paper Crane

1|Enchanting Circle
3|Interdimensional Blast
1|Junk Salvage
3|Reverse Destruction
1|Mind Storm
1|Scrap Destruction
1|Twin Double Crossers

3|Really Rude Awakening
3|Attack Barrier
2|Surprise Vent
1|Requiem of Parting
3|Twilight Zone

The aim is simple - use the Nox engine to control the field and synchro. Get several Gelobacteria out and wear down the opponent's LP. A Dragarity version of the Gelobacteria Synchro deck would be the same but with a couple of changes (in another thread).

Suggest fixes, etc.


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