5-minute Essence Deck

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5-minute Essence Deck Empty 5-minute Essence Deck

Post by Ash on Wed Sep 26, 2012 5:59 pm

3|Dsa|Essence Drago
3|Nwor|Essence Ice Lady
3|Dsa|Essence Rainbow Fish
2|Acrd|Essence Channeler
2|Anv1|Keeper of the Arsenal
1|Nwor|Essence Lion of Jewels
1|Nwor|Essence Spell Raider
1|Clpc|Flash Serpent
1|Anv1|Red Moon Rabisu

3|Enil|Spell Search
3|Ww3|Miniature Vortex
2|Dodm|Card Replacement
2|Nwor|Essential Effort
2|Dirb|Scrap Destruction
2|Acrd|Trap-Setting Dud

2|Anv1|Hostile Negotiation
2|Dsa|Symphony of Pain
1|Clpc|Gift from Diabolus
1|Dsa|Effect Disorientation
1|Dsa|Transient Distortion
1|Dsa|Transient Slayer
1|Acrd|Twister of Rejection

1|Dsa|Speartongue Serpent
1|Dsa|Neoflame Knight
1|Ww3|RT-67 Gadgetron
1|Rope|Deepsea Atlanthal Guide
1|Rope|Plasma Devourer
1|Ww3|Skyterror Necro-Dragon
1|Dodm|Herald of the Moon
1|Anv2|Lifeless King of Death Anchor
1|Flfs|Dragon of Life - Dawn
1|Nwor|Essence Drake Shadower
1|Ww3|Interdimensional Vortexlord
1|Enil|Fiend Magician
1|Dirb|Starshot Cannon
1|Nasb|Mezzo Beat
1|Flfs|Rumbler Tumbler

rumbler tumbler is the best card
>whenever i read a card made by emsoup
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