Baryons are trippy.

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Baryons are trippy. Empty Baryons are trippy.

Post by Ash on Sat Sep 15, 2012 4:16 am

3|Dsa|Baryon - Up Quark
3|Dsa|Baryon Positron
2|Dsa|Baryon Electron
2|Dsa|Baryon - Strange Quark
1|Dsa|Baryon Neutron
1|Dsa|Baryon Proton
1|Dsa|Baryon - Charm Quark
2|Flfs|Ghost Lanturn
2|Anv1|Goetia Conjuror

2|Ww3|Vowing the Will
2|Dodm|Lifeforce Shield
2|Acrd|Soul Castle
2|Flfs|Stabilization Dome
2|Acrd|Depraved Extortion
2|Acrd|Trap-Setting Dud
1|Enil|Junk Salvage
1|Dodm|Support Recharge
1|Dirb|Scrap Destruction

3|Nwor|Meditation - Charge

2|Dsa|Baryon Xi
2|Dodm|Darksea Kraken
2|Dsa|Neoflame Knight
2|Dsa|Speartongue Serpent
1|Ww3|Starborn Sprite

1|Anv1|Shameful Artist
1|Flfs|Rumbler Tumbler
1|Enil|Fiend Magician
1|Ww3|Interdimensional Vortexlord
1|Anv1|Monster of the Maelstrom

i have no fucking clue

rumbler tumbler is the best card
>whenever i read a card made by emsoup
>Baryons are trippy. Tumblr_lz2w42NI6E1qii6tmo1_400

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