Elemental Deck (really shitty)

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Elemental Deck (really shitty) Empty Elemental Deck (really shitty)

Post by EMSOUP on Wed Sep 05, 2012 11:35 am

3|Enil|Rainbow Eel
2|Dodm|Orb of Manifest
1|Clpc|Flash Serpent
3|Flfs|Ruby Chameleon
2|Rope|Eternal Firebird
3|Flfs|Molten Duo
2|Acrd|Hellcrescent Strix
1|Clpc|Bounty Hunter
2|Acrd|Djinn Cursenchanter of Fusions
2|Nasb|Mystical Coral
2|Ww3|Giant Tuna

3|Nasb|Elemental Bonding
3|Clpc|Elemental Uprising
3|Acrd|Alchemic Tour
2|Acrd|Advanced Fusion Art
1|Flfs|The Time and Space Chamber
2|Clpc|Natural Resource Replenishing
1|Enil|Enchanting Circle
3|Acrd|Preparation of Fusions
1|Dirb|Scrap Destruction
2|Rope|Off a Tangent
1|Ww3|It's Raining Spells
1|Clpc|Death of their Kins
2|Acrd|Flash Grenade

1|Dsa|Maiden from the Surreal City
2|Dsa|Screeching Bunyip
1|Dsa|Cronus, the Nova Deity
1|Dsa|Deepabyss Gustkraken
1|Ww3|Diamond Armor Colossus
1|Dirb|Mud Master
1|Clpc|Sludge Demon
2|Rope|Deepsea Atlanthal Guide
2|Dirb|Swift Shining Albatross
1|Ww3|RT-67 Gadgetron
2|Acrd|Dreadfiend General
1|Dsa|Blustery Butterfly

2|Anv1|Micro C
2|Dirb|Respected Burial
2|Rope|Alternative Hermeneutic Evocation
1|Clpc|Death of their Kins

yes, that is a 50-cards deck. yes, I don't know what the heck I'm doing. and yes, I need help.

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Elemental Deck (really shitty) Empty Re: Elemental Deck (really shitty)

Post by Seattleite on Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:22 pm

Ok, hmm, let's try this...

- 2 Eternal Firebird (prolly only good in a dedicated deck)
-2 Natural Resource Replenishing (same)
-2 Mystical Coral (I see what you're tryin to do but not in a deck this big)
-2 Djinn Prognosticator (meh, anti-synchro but that's it)
-2 Giant Tuna (Tokens won't work with fusions)
-1 Death of their Kins (not many good targets, situational in non-dedicated deck)

+1 Orb of Manifest (It's all the attributes, so pile it on for more fusion choices)
+2 Bounty Hunter (I like what's going on with this card, Off a Tangent target, boost it with Uprising and toolbox anything. )

+2 Ghost Fusion???? (Don't know if it would work since our rulings are undefined, but if allowed it would let you toolbox pretty much anything if you had Manifest Tokens, Rainbow Eel, etc. , and searchable by It's raining spells. An amazing card, if it passes the ruling test or we errata it or something.)

-1 Diamond Armor Colossus ( better in dedicated deck )
-1 Screeching Bunyip ( neutrino has more targets for this deck )
+2 Neutrino Blaster

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Elemental Deck (really shitty) Oprahs-Bees

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