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Post by Leo on Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:27 pm

3|Dsa|Lunar Wyvern
3|Ww3|Giant Tuna
3|Flfs|Obsessed Artist
3|Acrd|Singing Grasshopper

3|Dsa|Token Manipulator
3|Flfs|Stabilization Dome
3|Acrd|From Within the Mirror
3|Ww3|Vowing the Will
3|Acrd|Trap-Setting Dud
1|Nasb|Splitting Cut
1|Dodm|Support Recharge
1|Enil|Junk Salvage

3|Anv1|Hostile Negotiation
2|Acrd|Transcending Curse of Facetwisting
2|Acrd|Transcending Curse of Bonelock
2|Acrd|Transcending Curse of Armor Leprosy
1|Dsa|Symphony of Pain
1|Clpc|Gift from Diabolus

Just a rough idea atm. Definitely needs some working on.

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Token.dek Empty Re: Token.dek

Post by Seattleite on Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:57 pm

-1 Hostile Negotiation
-1 Vowing the Will
-1 Trap-Setting Dud
-1 Bonelock

+3 Advanced Polymerization
+1 Mitosis

+3 Rabid Sheep


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