Gishki deck in need of help.

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Gishki deck in need of help. Empty Gishki deck in need of help.

Post by Mr. Volcano on Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:09 am

Yeah, i think i've screwed up somewhere.
Here it is:

3x Chain, Vision, Abyss, Shadow, Ariel.
1x Marker, Beast.
3x Zeal Gigas
1x Levianima, Soul ogre, Tetrogre

3x Aquamirror
2x MST, Forbidden Arts
1x Book of Moon, Dark Hole, Heavy storm, Monster Reborn

2x Bottomless Trap Hole, Warning
1x Judgement, Tribute

And this is where it gets stupid

1x Catastor, Stardust, Brionac, Scrap Dragon, Black Rose
2x Merrowgeist, Utopia, Roach, Gantetsu, No. 40 Gimmick Puppet - Heaven's Strings?, Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer?

Not really been using XYZs much. That's why i put in... them. So tell me where i'm wrong and help me fix it please.

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Gishki deck in need of help. 255l4t3
Mr. Volcano
Mr. Volcano

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Gishki deck in need of help. Empty Re: Gishki deck in need of help.

Post by Ash on Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:33 am

Gustav Max in extra

Loop Zeal Gigas, hit for 6400, Use Max and burn last 2000 for OTK

Forbidden Arts is bad, drop all Evigishki that aren't Zeal Gigas or Levianima.

Drop Chains, Markers, Beast and probably 1-2 Ariel and add the Gishki that puts cards on the top of your deck, maybe 1 or 2 of that one. Then add staples, 3 salvage and other good stuff. Maybe Manju.

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>Gishki deck in need of help. Tumblr_lz2w42NI6E1qii6tmo1_400

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