what i am posting in comments/suggestions

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what i am posting in comments/suggestions

Post by Leo on Sat Nov 26, 2011 9:24 am

only comment about this in chat

During the recent weeks, the LCCG has come up with an idea to help better Custom Cards as a whole. This is Duel Portal, a virtually no-maintenance duel program, that has quick uploading capabilities and a YVDish interface.

Now before you guys jump to the conclusion, this is NOT an LCCG project. This was a project that was made by LCCG members to help better the experience in custom cards, mainly Realistic Cards, where most of the trafic is directed.

Now how is this working you wonder? Simple! Here is a screen shot of then main screen:

Now I will go through color by color, explain each part.

RED: This is where you upload cards. You get a code creator which creates codes to be uploaded to the server. Once you have completed your card with all the necessary attributes and Tier associated with it (explained in the program) and you generate it, you can than upload to it to the server. The upload is virtually instantaneous.

PURPLE: This is the duel feature. The exchanging of your IP Address might be needed at this point in time if this program gets released. It has a built in chat and a YVD like interface.

ORANGE: This is the list of cards uploaded to the server. You can add these cards to your deck. Pretty straight forward.

GREEN: This shows the cards stats, effect (vanilla lore) and other important information.

YELLOW: This is your deck-list. Pretty straightforward as well.

TURQUOISE: This is the warning list. You can add cards in the server that you want to be warned of if you duel them. If your opponent has that card, the program will immeadiately inform you. This is usfull if you don't want to duel against insane cards.


Now, due to this being a low maintenace project, there will be no ban-list. We do have a tier list which organizes cards between broken to barf bad. This is where the warning list becomes important as it warns you about cards you don't want to play.

This program is a great for testing new cards and archetypes! Helps people in RC get a better grasp on how good their cards actually are.

Now I know you guys at this point are probably questionning the IP Address for hosting and joing games. This could change in the future if this project becomes a reality.

I want to hear all opinions on this project and if you guys would like to see it and how we could make it better.

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Re: what i am posting in comments/suggestions

Post by Anime Girl References on Sun Nov 27, 2011 7:11 pm

I see the green yellow and orange squares but not the red, turquoise or purple.

Anime Girl References

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Re: what i am posting in comments/suggestions

Post by Seattleite on Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:07 am

Darkest Hour wrote:I see the green yellow and orange squares but not the red, turquoise or purple.

Right Click + View Image. forumotion can't handle big images but it works fine on YCM

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Re: what i am posting in comments/suggestions

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